Alright, kinda a boring start, but I’ll wrap up with something a bit more on edge, so stick with me….

A friend brought this to sell in my garage sale – I told her if it didn’t sell I’d walk it right up to my closet – and so it’s what I wore on Sunday – – pretty normal – – the pattern’s a little busy, but I don’t mind it -

Summer has been SO hot, so I really haven’t been making much effort – – here’s my normal wear:

But, the other day we took the kids to Crown Center, so I thought I’d step it up.  We were meeting several people there – when Kate (my cousin) saw me, first thing she said “what are you wearing?!?!” – and then I knew, this would make great WIWW material – the controversial outfits always get the most comments!

So, I got the skirt for $0.10 at a garage sale – I thought it was bright and fun, but maybe it’s too fun??  I thought a plain brown shirt was too boring for such a fun skirt, so then I threw the orange tank on over it.  My earrings are bright green, my toes are bright turquoise – maybe I’m working too much color?

Also, so many fun hairdos pop up for long hair on Pinterest, so I tried to whip something up for my short hair. It won’t go into a full ponytail, but I can get a couple of half-ponytails to work, so I did that and then flipped them up into themselves so they stuck up – – kept the back of my head a little cooler than leaving all my hair down like normal.

Thanks everyone!  I love to hear your comments on the What I Wore Wednesdays – they make my week!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I love your daughter posing behind you! I actually like the last skirt, it’s neat. I would probably just wear it with the brown shirt(or any other color in the skirt) because I’m simple and a tad boring with my style but I think you look pretty cute. I like the flippy hair too.

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    How cute are you??? I love the dress, first. It fits you really well and is just the right length. Love. Your middle outfit makes me smile, you’ve got a great figure and that outfit is enjoying hiding all that. LOL! But seriously, I wear pajamas unless I absolutely have to leave the house, and then sometimes I’ll still keep them on. :) The last outfit is adorable. I think it’s playful and fun. I really don’t have a problem with the tank over the brown shirt, it’s cute. Very playful. You are so versatile! You look like 3 completely different people in these pics. :) My WWIW would be frightening, I think.

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    Yea, I’m not too sure about the red tank on top. In some ways I like it, but something about the shape is off a little.

    A friend of mine with short hair does this hair style that I really like. She takes a piece of hair, starting at the bottom of her head, and pulls it up and uses one of those little butterfly clips to clip it up high. Then she repeats the process with the rest of her hair. Her hair is curly, but I think you could do it with straight hair too.

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    I think you look uber cute. Love it when mommies get a chance to dress up. Contrary to popular belief, we do wear things other than jeans & a T ;-)

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    you look good in all of them! Sometimes we need a day to wear a more plain outfit like your second one. I’m doing that today! I love the dress and you look so cute in the last outfit! The only thins that’s throwing me off is what is that little blue rectangle thing at the top of your skirt on the left?!

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    I totally think you could pull off the outfit!! I do think I’d like the look better if you did the all down flippy thing with you hair! LOVE your hair like that! And I do like the print of the first dress!

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