August 22, 2011

YoYos and more by GO! baby

I Love My GO! Baby

As mentioned earlier today, I got to try out a GO! baby cutter - - I also received a circle die:
Circles are so hard for me to cut, and there's so many cute projects out there for circles, I knew this was a must-have die!

First off, I cut a bunch of circles, folded them into fourths, and glued them to a headband - so quick!

 Next up, I whipped up a yoyo headband - - yo yos are made from circles - - so get your circles, needle and thread, and thin elastic.  There are about a billizion how-to-make-a-fabric-yoyo tutorials out there, so google it, but basically you just do a running stitch all along the edge of the circle then pull it tight.
 Arrange your yoyos how you want them, then hot glue them into place overlapping one another.:
 Take your elastic and sew the ends together.  Then hide where the ends meet under the yoyo bunch.  I just put a line of hot glue along the back of the bunch and stuck it on the elastic - that's it!
 I love how it turned out!!

I got the idea of a fabric yoyo headband when I saw this on Pinterest:

And speaking of Pinterest and the GO!baby circle die, here are other things I want to do now that I can cut circles in no time:

Felt Circle Pillow

Photo Blog March 30 Pillow Talk Part Two Felt Yellow
Circle Quilt (tutorial HERE)
Bustle Skirt (tutorial HERE)

See - the circle die is a MUST!!!


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My niece made Kara the cutest hair flowers using circles. I'll have the send you a pic. Basically it's cirlces of various circumferences all stacked up with a button center. But the wow factor - she used polyester fabric and used a flame to "melt" the edges of the fabric - turned the edges up and rounded. Your new cutter would be perfect for this kind of project.

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