September 19, 2011

5 Dinners in 1 Hour - giveaway!!

Do you find yourself stressing out daily over "what's for dinner" or feed your family fast food more than you would like to admit?   I used to be the same way until I created a plan to make 5 dinners in 1 hour!  You read that right, 5 family dinners in just 1 hour!  My name is Michelle and I have 3 busy kids and a husband that works crazy hours.  We were always eating fast food or frozen dinners that are just not healthy.  I finally came up with a plan to make 5 dinners all at  once (in just one hour) for our busy weekdays of hockey practice, volleyball games and other various after school functions. 
All the menu plans have family friendly meals that feed 4-6 people and no, they are not all casseroles. :) Enjoy meals like
Slow cooked Beef & Broccoli
Kid Friendly Coconut Chicken Strips
Breakfast for Dinner Quiche
The meals are fresh, not frozen. They keep in your refrigerator until ready to heat and eat.  I am able to fit all of mine on just one shelf.
The menus are easy to follow and include a detailed grocery list and kitchen tool list.
Along with making cooking much easier, this plan can help you save time & money!
A monthly subscription is only $1.25 per week!  You can read more about my plan on my blog which also includes a post on how to make 10 school lunches in 15 minutes.  While you are there,  you can sign up for a free trial menu and try it out for yourself! 

Wah?!?!  Did she just say FREE TRIAL - I'm in!

And in addition to that, one lucky reader will win a free 6 month subscription - awesome!! 

To enter the giveaway for the 6 months free of 5 Dinners in 1 Hour, just head over to their site, then come back here and leave a comment about something you saw on their site.  That's it!  Giveaway ends Friday, Sept 28th, around noon....


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20 Fabulous Comments:

I like the fact that MIchelle uses her slow cooker so much! What a life/time saver that invention turned out to be!

I love how she uses muffin tins to make perfect portion sizes! How ingenious!

I love all of the crockpot options!

I would love to use my crock pot more than I do.

I'm getting that SlowCooker recipe book she's got for just $3! Love the whole concept.

I'd love to get her crockpot cookbook. I'm always looking for new recipes to cook in my crockpot.

What's not to love about it all?! The muffin tin portions are ingenious! Anything to make dinner making easier is a win-win to me!

her recipes look great, made with real food that I can buy at my small town grocery stores.
The header on her blog really made me smile, love her retro style with lots of red and aqua.

thank you for hosting, this would be so fun to try. I am a busy grandma that takes care of 2 grand-toddlers while their mommas work.

This is such a great idea and something that I can use. I love her crock-pot options, they are great!

I love the fact that you can do a fundraiser by selling the menus! Great idea! I know lots of mom's would go for it rather than frozen food or wrapping paper!

I see my 2 favorite words on her website a lot - Slow Cooker!!!!

I would love to find out the recipes she uses for the: "Freezer Meals Made Easy"
I LOVE ALL her ideas! I do need more crockpot meal ideas.

I saw that you needed to sign up for a sample menu. I may ask if there are specialty meals-like ones for people who are lactose intolerant.

I love that meals come with shopping lists!

I love the easy recipes with stuff I can keep on hand.

Even though I only saw one menu it can easily be adapted to be gluten free!

I like the idea of a free trial, I am going to try it... One of the main reasons is tonight we are eating waffles, which are great, but it is mainly because I don't have a plan and NEED one!


That chicken dinner looks yummy :) This would be so handy! - Jamie

That's a great deal on their new Slow Cooker Ebook! ~Lanie

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