September 2, 2011

Bedroom Inset

I'm not done with my bedroom remodel, but I'm excited to show you want I have done so far.  Today it's the ceiling inset thing.....I wasn't sure what to do with it - - here's the before:

I got the idea that silver would look good - so then I thought I could do foil all over it (like my foil dresser in my craft room) - well, on a dresser it looks great - on a ceiling, not so much... I wan't loving it - -
I spent tons of time gluing up foil, and about half-way around the ceiling I gave up trying to tell myself I liked it and pulled it all down.

So then I thought I'd go bold and use green, because I plan to have green accents in the room.  Well, I just mixed some discarded paint and ended up with Olive green instead of a lime-apple green like I envisioned, plus it really overpowered the room (if you're my facebook fan, you've seen this already)  - - it was also a no-go - - a whole morning of painting, wasted.

Third time was a charm.  I just painted it the gray (gravity) that my other 3 walls are - I surprised myself in that I really like how it's understated.  It lets the rest of the room stand out.  So you can't leave a comment saying you like the green and to change back, cause I'm not painting it a 4th time!

And just a glimpse behind the scenes, my 4 year old took this picture - - with my ladder, I couldn't quite reach all the way over my bed.  And I can't pull that thing away from the wall by self - it's heavy!  So I put a step stool on my bed - which is pretty wobbly in itself - and I had my toddler helper bouncing around on the bed while I tried to paint a straight line and hold a bucket of paint and not fall off - tricky!!
I just finished my side tables - I LOVE them  - - hopefully I'll show them off sometime next week.....


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I think the green is a pretty color, but you're right, the gray looks really perfect!

I vote for gray! :) I was going to put green just to mess with ya but you look flustered in that last pic! :)

the gray is beautiful and sophisticated...I think it makes the accent wall the real star of the room...

Love the way the gray looks against the blue stenciled. Very nice!

Yeah, the gray definitely did it! It looks great!

The gray looks great. I think you are extremely brave to stand on a wobbly stool on the bed holding a bucket of paint!

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