Bedroom Inset

I’m not done with my bedroom remodel, but I’m excited to show you want I have done so far.  Today it’s the ceiling inset thing…..I wasn’t sure what to do with it – – here’s the before:

I got the idea that silver would look good – so then I thought I could do foil all over it (like my foil dresser in my craft room) – well, on a dresser it looks great – on a ceiling, not so much… I wan’t loving it – -

I spent tons of time gluing up foil, and about half-way around the ceiling I gave up trying to tell myself I liked it and pulled it all down.

So then I thought I’d go bold and use green, because I plan to have green accents in the room.  Well, I just mixed some discarded paint and ended up with Olive green instead of a lime-apple green like I envisioned, plus it really overpowered the room (if you’re my facebook fan, you’ve seen this already)  – – it was also a no-go – – a whole morning of painting, wasted.

Third time was a charm.  I just painted it the gray (gravity) that my other 3 walls are – I surprised myself in that I really like how it’s understated.  It lets the rest of the room stand out.  So you can’t leave a comment saying you like the green and to change back, cause I’m not painting it a 4th time!

And just a glimpse behind the scenes, my 4 year old took this picture – – with my ladder, I couldn’t quite reach all the way over my bed.  And I can’t pull that thing away from the wall by self – it’s heavy!  So I put a step stool on my bed – which is pretty wobbly in itself – and I had my toddler helper bouncing around on the bed while I tried to paint a straight line and hold a bucket of paint and not fall off – tricky!!

I just finished my side tables – I LOVE them  – – hopefully I’ll show them off sometime next week…..

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