September 16, 2011

Bedroom Update - New Ceiling Fan

 The ceiling fan change really affected the whole room - SO glad we changed it out!!  In review, here's the lovely one that we had before - very functional, I'll give it that:
 Assembly, with helpers:
 I am SO glad we splurged for the fan I really loved.  We almost went for a cheaper one, but I would have never loved it.  I have this thing with ceiling lights in general - lots have a round glass covering and the metal knob thing in the middle, and I can't get over how they look a bit.....risque.  So then when I saw ceiling fans
with that PLUS the pull chains hanging down from it - you know, like tassles - - I knew I wanted a ceiling fan with no pull chains.  Anyways, long story short, I love the fan we got!

The room is coming along......


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Ha, your old ceiling fan is the exact same one I have in my bedroom right now! It works well in our room, but I definitely think your new one looks great in yours!

I love changing ceiling fans and light fixtures! It makes such a difference for not much money.

looks great! I totally understand not wanting the 'tassles,' to turn on the lights and stuff. I'm short and I have been nicknamed 'Jane' (like on Tarzan) from jumping up one too many times to switch the fan and breaking it. :) The next on my list is to replace the fans in our house so they are 'short,' accessible! :)

Ha ha! I know exactly what you mean about the shape of the fan. My nephew who is only a few months old LOVES to stare up at my sister's fan. In fact he's infatuated with it. My brother-in-law says it's because it looks like a giant...well, he's nick-named it the "boobie-fan" (sorry hope that doesn't offend anyone.)

you know you can easily make yours operate by remote control. They sell them at Lowes and Home Depot - some little receptor thingy goes up in the fan part... not expensive and so nice to be able to turn it on off and not have to get up out of bed to do it.

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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