September 9, 2011

Chunky Mirror

My blog is affecting my life - I am decorating my room around it!  I do the pseudo-famous What I Wore Wednesday so I thought I needed to incorporate a full length mirror into my bedroom remodel.  That way if need be I can take my own pictures instead of relying on my 4 year old.

So, a quick tutorial on taking a boring mirror to a fabulous chunky mirror - - here's how to:

First, let's recall the "before".  I forgot to take a picture, but it turns out I already had been using it for a few WIWW posts - here's one:
The mirror is the basic, really flimsy one that you can hang to the back of your door with double-sided tape. They are all over the stores at back-to-college time.  I bought mine at a garage sale for $1, so it was even cheaper than the cheap retail price.

Then, go buy some chunky trim.  I first thought I'd layer several pieces of trim, but this one was pretty chunky just by itself, no layering needed.  Enlist someone to miter the corners and assemble the trim - or get brave and do it yourself.  Trevor constructed mine - I think he glued it onto the mirror with liquid nail and then shot some staples in it from the back, just to be sure.  Clamp and let the glue dry:
 Then paint it whatever fabulous color you want.  I picked this color called "gecko" - it's green, but Trevor calls it yellow.  You know that really ugly "yellow-green" crayon - it's like that, but not ugly.
 FYI, it's really hard to take a picture of mirror.  I learned that HERE.  And it's still true.

Settled into it's corner in my bedroom (mental note - make the bed when taking pictures in the mirror!!) - the trick was I needed to look into the mirror and not be backlit, so it sits kind of in front of the window.
 Now, it practice taking pictures without looking through the camera.......

So go grab some trim and make yourself a chunky mirror!!  Or you could use fabric and make one like this...



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such a simple idea with a big the pop of yellow too!


I love this mirror now! Even the color is great!

Love this, Mandy! A great idea. Pinning! :)

Your mirror turned out fabulous! I love the color you chose, it really adds a pop of color. And I can't believe that is one of those cheapo kind of mirrors! Thanks for sharing!

Love it. What an easy and great idea!!


Such a thrifty idea! I think I'll do this to my *extremely* ugly full length mirror;)

i had the WORST time trying to take photos of a mirror project I did a few weeks ago- so frustrating! surely there's a tutorial on pinterest by now?

Oh girl, that IS beautiful! I'm trying to figure out what kind of molding you used!

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