September 15, 2011

Fabric Pennant Banner Tutorial

I am gearing up to have my first craft booth- hope it all goes well.  I'm doing it with a couple other great ladies, and we thought it'd be fun to hang up some pennant banners for color.  Then we all thought, how do you make those anyways?  So here's what I figured out - a brief tutorial on how to make a fabric pennant banner. (um yep, I called it a "pendant banner" in the picture - oops!)

First cut your rectangles.  I measured a triangle and cut it out of cardstock, then used that as my pattern to cut the fabric.

Next, iron the triangles to some fusible interfacing.  It is interfacing that has bumps on it - the bumps are glue that bonds to fabric when heated.  Instead of cutting loads of interfacing triangles, I thought it was easier to iron all the fabric triangles on the interfacing and then cut them apart:

Next lay out your line of triangles and sew them to bias tape.  Be sure to leave a tail of bias tape on each end so you can tie up the banner if you need to.  I accidentally bought single-fold bias tape, but I just ironed it in half to make it work.  Then you just sandwich the triangles inside that fold and sew along the top.  Here you can kind of see that:
Here's the line of stitching.  You could probably just hot glue them in, but I like the look of the stitching...

That's it!  It really went together pretty simply.  And now it can be used over and over again.  You can make one of these fabric pennant banners - really!!  Go try it!


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I a sucker for banners - love the aqua in yours. Good luck at the craft show!

Very cute, I've been meaning to make one of these forever now! Also, I think you meant hot glue, instead of hot blue, haha. Once I typed in an email for people to bring their hog glue guns! :)

Love your colors! Im getting ready for my first craft show! When is yours? I already feel so underprepared!

sweet, love the fabric. Hugs P.S> I invite you join me at my first ever Thursday Favorites blog hop. Stop by and link up your lovely blog.

What craft show are you doing? I just moved to the Kansas City area and have thought about doing one as well!

I featured this cute banner on my Inspiration Friday post...

Have a great Friday and good luck at your show!

Love the colors! I will be featuring you on my blog tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know.

Great idea. I think I'll do this for my banner. You have a lovely etsy shop. Dita

Can you tell me approximately what size these are?

thanks for the great tutorials! we're using this one and the arrow sign for our upcoming craft show. i am also curious of the size of the triangles? thanks so much!!

You can make then whatever size you'd like. I made a large one and a small one. The large triangles where about the size of a piece of paper, so maybe 8 1/2 inches across the top, then I put a dot on the middle of the bottom of the paper and drew lines from it to the top 2 corners of the paper, if that makes sense. I can't remember what size I made the smaller ones. Good luck!!

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