Keeping it Real….

Um, just saying – this is real life:

When things get crazy, like trying to prep for a craft booth on top of normal busyiness, housekeeping is the first thing to go….. this is my poor craft room.  It takes the brunt of the neglect in cleaning.

We can’t do it all!!  What you do drop when things get crazy???

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    When things seem to get out of hand at my house, I remind myself of the quote, “Creative minds are seldom tidy.” Then I just think, “Wow, I am really, really creative!”

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    Ironing is always the first to go for me- I hate ironing!! I also have a craft booth, so I totally empathize with you! Getting ready for it can be overwhelming, but it gets better as you get in the swing of things!


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    Oh that looks like my craft room! It’s always my last priority when it comes to cleaning. Great organizational system in place…just need to use it!

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    I drop laundry… probably not the best thing to let go of, but its so dang easy because my washer and dryer are in the garage so it’s out of sight out of mind! And well practically everything else. I wish I were more organized : )

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    Unfortunately, my entire house looks like this, but it’s due to getting sidelined by a cold, not crafting. BUT, after 5 days, I’m starting to feel human again, so hopefully the house will look normal…. sometime this century.

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