September 1, 2011

Lace Skirt Tutorial

So, I had bought some lace a while ago for really cheap ($2 a yard) thinking it would be a cute skirt.  I hadn't gotten around to making it quite yet, but I had the idea in my head.  And then I got my DownEast Basics catalog, and there was my idea, right in front of me.  So I knocked it off - or maybe they knocked it off of my and my unspoken-lace-skirt-vibe.  Anyways.....true to DIY, mine's super cheap, although I'm sure theirs is better constructed.....
(you like how I tried to pose like the model - - note to self, I am not a model)

So, grab a rectangle of lace and lay it over a rectangle of fabric (I used sheet, of course).  Both need to be already hemmed, so do that first.  The rectangle needs to be as long as you want it, and big enough that you can hold it away from your waist quite a ways.

Then cut a piece of big fat elastic the size of your waist.  See how the fabric is longer than the elastic??
Mark the middle of the elastic and middle of the fabric.  Then mark the quarter marks.  I just put pins in:
Now here's my trick - - I didn't pin the elastic to the fabric, although you could.  I started to sew it to the outside of the fabric, and then as I sewed I pulled on it to stretch it out so it would sew stretched.  Be sure to pull on the front and the back - pulling just on the front you might break a needle.  Since this was a two-handed operation, I had my 4 year old take the picture - - not sure if you can tell what's going on in it, but here you go anyways:
As your sewing, be sure when you get to a quarter mark on your elastic that it's in the same spot as the quarter mark on your fabric - stretch it more or less to adjust.  Same with the half mark, etc.  That's it!  By stretching the elastic as you sew it on, the fabric will automatically be gathered:
It's not perfect, but it's super quick, so it's good enough for me!  Then just sew up the back seam.  Done.

I made the fabric flower by using a Rolled Fabric Flower for the center and a Gathered Fabric Flower surrounding that, using ripped strips of fabric.  Hot glued it all together and onto a clip.  I had all that laying around, so it was free (versus the $8 from DownEast).

That's it - wear and enjoy.  You can make it - really!!  Go try it!


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I LOVE this - I have cream lace on hand. I hope cream won't look to grandma, but I am going to try it.

I adore this skirt!! And I like yours even better than the store bought one- love how your lace extends past the lining for a bit more elegance. BEAUTIFUL!!

Oh my! I LOVE this! I think I'm going to knock off your knock off ;)

That skirt is just too cute! I'm off to JoAnn's to get elastic!

Adorable! I have some lace on hand so I need to do this!

This is so pretty I think my daughter may like this look.

Great job! I think I might copy this idea with a different fabric. You make it look so easy!

That is adorable! Yours looks just as good! :) Love the flower!

Fantastic! I, too, have some great lace laying around just begging for me to make something with it. I think I'll have to try this. :)

Very cute; I have some lace curtains that might be destined for a skirt. And I liked yours better than the down east one!

Beautiful!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


That's it! I'm making one this weekend! I LOVE this skirt and it couldn't be easier, at least it looks easy. I've never used that wide elastic before but I've seen several of your other skirts that use it. If you're still using it, you must like it! I'm going to give it a shot. I think my daughter would love this skirt too! I see a mommy/daughter skirt in the making. Thanks for the inspiration!

You look amazing! I love the skirt!

LOVE your version~! I just wish I could pull it off as well as you can!!

So cute. You should create an etsy store or something. I'd rather just buy your creation :)

I am curious why you would not have made the "tube" first, then put on the elastic? I am so new to sewing skirts.

Hi Felicia -- you could make a tube first - there are several ways to make a skirt - - with this one I didn't because you have to stretch your elastic as you go, and I was afraid I couldn't stretch it evenly if it were in a circle - I thought a line sounded easier.... good luck!!

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