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I would love to introduce you all to my business, The Lime Bow.
We are an online specialty boutique that carries one of a kind handmade accessories including bows, flowers, bottle cap jewelry and magnets.
I started this business when I was 16, because I was having no luck finding a job in Michigan. I began making bottle cap necklaces and key chains, then quickly moved onto bottle cap magnets, and finally got to my favorite product, hair bows!
I found that I got bored making multiples of the same bow; therefore, each of my bows are unique and one-of-a-kind. I love to try new combinations.
I enjoy working with each customer to ensure that they get a product they love.
Custom orders are always welcome and definitely encouraged. No one knows what your little girl would love better than you.
New items are always being added to the shop, including accessories for big girls too!
I will soon be moving off to college and am working hard to reach my goal of having The Lime Bow be a company that is recognized nationwide.
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Giveaway time – eek!!!

The giveaway will be featuring two bows, a zebra print with lime green and a soft pink bow with a white crochet headband. Along with a 2″ pink flower and a “dream” bottle cap key chain.  Pictured here:

To enter this giveaway, two ways to enter:
—visit The Lime Bow and come back here and leave a comment stating your favorite item.
—join our mailing list (while you’re checking out our site). leave a comment on this post saying you did so.

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