Mailbox Cuteness

Check out my super cute mailbox:

Um, it’s not messed up,  I just erased the address part so you won’t be tempted to show up on my doorstep, ignore my no soliciting sign, and try to sell me cable.

This vinyl I didn’t cut myself – – because I could grab it off of WhoopdWhoop and it’s all done for me, no thought required.  It came from Creative Sky and was 2 Whoops.

What is WhoopdWhoop??  I love it – – you “sell” handmade items, earn “whoops”, then buy things with your “whoops”, so it’s like online craft trading.  I can earn some small portion of a whoop by referring someone, so of course I’m telling you of my love of it – -

Anyways, I need to get back on there and order another one for the other side of the mailbox, so you can know who we are coming one direction or the other.

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I have always loved curly brackets. Being a technical writer (in a past life), I’m a bit of a font geek, and the curly brackets are my favorite symbol.

    I’m not sure why I thought I needed to tell you that, but there you go. Your mailbox is very cute! And if I can ever find a craft I’m decent at, I’ll check out WhoopdWhoop!!

    Have a great day!

  2. says

    How fun to see this on here! Fun to see it actually on your mailbox and not just the vinyl itself :) If I can find your address still, I’ll send you a second one for the opposite side just because ;)

  3. says

    Love this! Ours is brick but it has a metal door. I’m going to try this. Thank you for such inspirational crafts. I link to you often from

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