Note the cute toenails……

(side note, my mom cringes whenever I post pictures of my feet – she thinks I have the ugliest toes in the world – – hers are short and stubby, mine are long and gangly)

Ever heard of  Well, it’s a daily deals site where you get $10 just for signing up.  Occasionally they run deals that are under $10 – so use your $10 credit, and it’s free.  That’s how I got these fabulous nail stickers – they were $7 free shipping, I had a $10 credit, kabam, free.  Cute, right?  They didn’t stay on that great, but I think they would have stayed much longer on fingernails.

So anyways, go sign up now, and I’ll try to remember to give a shout-out on Facebook when their next under $10 deal pops up…..

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Your toes are so CUTE! I hate my toes, but I feel like painting them makes them not look so bad. Except my littles toes nails grow straight up, so they are hard to paint.

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    I deleted my comment! I just had some of these put on with my last pedicure. They put nail glue lightly around the edges of each toe to keep them from lifting. Maybe that would help yours stay on longer? Regardless, they are very cute!

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    You have beautiful feet! I think long toes look way better than stubby ones. Of course, I have long fingers and toes, so whew! I just hink it is an elegant slender thing. But, everyone has ugly feet when the toes aren’t painted. Even in the winter my toe nails are painted. I think it perks everyones up.

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