September 23, 2011

Owie Owls - Ice Pack alternative

 I have been sewing like crazy.  I have already mentioned it, but I'm doing a craft booth and need to stock it with stuff.  So one of the most loved things at our house is our "Owie Owl" - since we love it, I thought other people would too and I made a whole flock.

It's just an owl, filled with rice, that we keep in the freezer.  It's so much better than an ice pack because Ice Packs are too cold for kids to hold.  This isn't.  And it also works great for "non-owie" owies - you know, when my kids tell me they're hurt, but it's minor, if anything - I just say, yeah that's a tough one, you'd better go grab the owl.  Fixes anything :)

This guy is my favorite - - something about him....

Here they all are, packed up and ready for their big debut....if you live near KC, come stop by my booth at the Liberty Fall Festival today or tomorrow - I can tell you where my spot is.... (mandybeez at gmail)

If you don't live near me, these are too heavy to ship, so you'll just have to make your own.  You can do it.   Just draw up a pattern, sew it together, and fill it with rice.  And enjoy!


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Super cute idea! I'm totally obsessed with owls lately!

Oh man there are adorable! And my son is starting the stage of needing a bandaid for every little bump haha

Why not ship them flat rate in a small flate rate box? Then it doesn't matter how much they weigh and you could probably fit two in a box. Plus, it only costs $5.15 to ship it that way.

Very cute! I could have used one of these yesterday.

Super cute! If you did something other than button eyes you could even heat them up too! I seriously was considering buy one, but no deal since I live in Idaho. Maybe there's a way you could sell it without the rice in it. It would be super cheap that way. Great idea. I might just have to muster up the courage to make one myself.

Great idea love them!Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

Those are so fun! Thanks for the encouragement... Bet I could do it! haha!

That is a wonderful idea! Love it

Terrific idea!! Thanks for sharing!

These are Owltstanding!!! I love that they aren't too cold for the kids...that's always our problem. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

oh my goodness!! i adore them!!! mind if i feature them on dollar store mom?

linked to you here:

OMG! These are too darn cute and genius! I would have never thought to use rice for an "ice pack". I agree ice is too cold for me too!

Love em! I made some owl cushions on my blog a while back but i love your more Tina x x

seriously ... hooo doesn't like owls!? so stinkin cute!

great idea! I made a whole pile of owl party favors and shared on my blog a while ago. But I love the idea of using them for owies! I'm going to have to make some more. We always seem to forget to put them back in the freezer, so more than one would be a good thing! And seeing an owl in the freezer each time you open sounds fun too! :)

Thats adorable! How would you wash them?

would you share your pattern?

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