September 22, 2011

Peg Board Display Case

 Anyone else need a pretty portable peg board display case?? (shown above, 2 cases opened side-by-side)  I described what I wanted to Trevor, and he came up with something even better than I pictured.  I am a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories (LOVE making money with $5 Accessories - if you want to learn more, you can check out my Paparazzi Accessories information) so these make for great Paparazzi Cases, but they can work for tons of other things as well.
A quick tutorial how-to:

Update - - lots of people asked about the size.  Trevor bought one piece of pegboard and had Lowes cut it into 3rds (easier to transport).  Then for one case he took one of those thirds and cut it in half, making 2 sides to the case.  Each side is 24inches across the top, 30 inches from top to bottom. 
Then each side has 4 pieces of trim, 2 24inches long and 2 30inches long - actually the 30in ones get trimmed to fit, so more like 28.5.  For one case you'll need 2 8 ft 1x2s, and you'll have extra left over.

Make a frame with 1x2s:
Lay a piece of pegboard onto the frame and screw it into place.
Repeat, so you have 2 sides.  The hold the two sides together and put on a "piano" hinge - a hinge that is really long.  That's it!  Paint to for a clean look.
It's got a latch to hold it shut - - that way everything can stay hanging up - I just shut it and go, and know that nothing will fall out because of the frame around it all.
I added a long handle so I could carry it over my shoulder:
Like so.....
Awesome, right?!?! I have two cases and can carry one on each shoulder.

Cases in action:

AND, if you're looking for display things, you might want to check out the tutorial on my spinning display rack:


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Very neat and handy! What a great hubby. What exactly do you use for?

Those look great! I'm betting I could use some variation of this for my Scentsy booths!

That is awesome! What a cool and smart hubby you have!

I have a question about the jewelry.
How well does it hold up? How long will the silver stay silver? I know someone else who sells, but since neither of you live in the same state as me, making it hard to see it for myself, I would love to hear your honest opinion of the products.

I love handy guys! I wish I had one of my own, well I do have my dad and he has made me something similiar! Lucky you!

Thank you for posting this!! I think I'm going to be making a trip to the hardware store.

Exactly what I was looking for to display my jewelry! Thanks for sharing. I showed my husband and we are ready to make these. LOVE the handles! Genius and such a perfect, portable size for shows and open houses.

Love these! I don't have time to make myself some new ones (need more for the holidays), what would you charge to make them for me?

Beautiful! I'm in the midst of designing my craft show setup, and would love to include something similar. Thanks for posting this!

This comment has been removed by the author.

A couple of questions - If the peg board is screwed onto the frame, why is there a clamp pictured? Did you also glue the peg board down? Also, when you close and transport your cases, do you have to put any type of foam or other material inside it to keep the jewelry from sliding off the hooks? Thanks.

Hey Kim - your email isn't linked to your comments, so I can't reply - - hope you see this - - anyways, I think he glued it down as well as screwed it, just to be extra zealous. When I close them, I don't put anything else inside, and it stays on the hooks but my jewelry does jingle around alot - a piece of foam would probably be beneficial.

We are on our way to the hardware store! Thanks so much for this great idea! :)

Hi Mandy,

Love it!! What did you use for the jewelry hooks, and how do they stay in?

Hi Mandy,

Love it!! What did you use for the jewelry hooks, and how do they stay in?

I bought a kit with my Paparazzi Jewelry, and it comes with hooks, so that's what I use. They just stay in pretty well by themselves.

Hi Mandy!!
The case is super!! I appreciate you sharing. I know that you said that you use the hooks you got from paparazzi but could you tell me how far they stick out from the pegboard? I found 2" pegs but I'm not sure if the case will close or if they will be too long. Thanks again, have a blessed day!

I'm not sure how pegs are measured, but I just measured the part that sticks out on mine, and it's 2.5 inches, so I would think 2 inch would be fine....

OMG! I just spent 1 hour in Home Depot with a young guy who could not cut!!!! The hinge was too long. SMH. I will be making a trip to Lowes tomorrow or back to Home Depot and ask for someone that's "experienced" with cutting!!!

By the way, I love your display:-}

Went to Lowes yesterday and got everything I needed to make two cases! I am on my way! Thanks again!

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I bought most of the supplies at Lowe's this evening. Can you please tell me where you bought the latch? Did you buy the handle or make it? What is it made from?

Hi Jennifer - I bought the latch at Lowe's as well. The handle is just strapping (like straps on a duffle bag) that I found in our garage, but I think they have that at lowe's too. Good luck!

Hey, Question: a friend of mine is making this for me and he isn't sure how to screw on the screws. Did you screw them in the holes, have any washers, or anything special? Thanks! Love these cases!

you can screw them in either way - we went through the holes and had screws with extra large heads - a washer would work too - - have fun making them!

Is it possible you help me make one? *wink*wink*

Is your hubby willing to make me one. I need one by October. How much. He can sell these.

Is your hubby willing to make me one. I need one by October. How much. He can sell these.

do you get the straight pegs anywhere? walmart, lowes? annettestandrod(at)gmail(dot)com

I love it! Do you remember approximately how much the whole project cost?

I don't have a saw to cut any of the pieces, so I wanted to check before I went to Lowes. Since the trim is 1x2 would I get 2 24" pieces and 2 28" pieces because I need to take away an inch on each side? And for the peg board, I would have them cut it once "hotdog" style then divide each half into 3 parts? Thanks so much for the idea! I am very excited! :)

Hey Chelsea, Mandy asked me to answer your question. To make one 24Wx30H you will need: 4 pieces of 1x2 that are 24 long, 4 pieces of 1x2 that are 28.5 long (a 1x2 is really 3/4 thick and 1 1/2 wide, so 28.5 plus 3/4 for the top piece plus 3/4 for the bottom piece = 30). For the peg board, buy a 4ftx4ft piece, have them cut it 30inches tall, then split it down the middle so you have two pieces 24x30. Good luck!

If you look closely, you will notice it is the hd the sides together while the hinge piece is being screwed in.

Just bought the stuff to make my first today! Excited to try it out.=)

Great idea I'm giving this to my husband... what i was wondering if the jewelry that currently in the picture is from Paparazzi?

Never mind on that last question i see that it is! !!! Lol I just started selling that's why I been looking for disks and noticed the colors of the jewelry. .. thx

Hi Mandy,

What an awesome idea! I just wanted to ask what you used for the pegs themselves?

we used wooden dowel rods - good luck with it!

This is display is great!
What type of screws did you use?
or is it just regular screws with a washer attached?

I think it was a special screw, maybe used for chicken wire type things? but a regular screw with a washer would totally work!

These are so cool! How much did they cost to make?

great question Tara - I'm not sure! I'll have to ask Trevor and get back to you...

What size pegs did you use?

I'm not sure on that one - I'll have to ask and get back to you

Hi! just wanted to ask. They stand up fine without the possibility of falling over? I just want to make sure they're super stable.. Thanks!!!

What size of peg board did you get along with sizes of screws and hinge? I love this idea I got the 2-1x2x10' since that is all my lumber yard had. Please let me know. I have a show coming up and would love to use this as well.

I'm not sure on size - maybe a quarter inch?? good luck!

I just made 2 of these today and 2 of the spinning displays as well thanks to your great tutorials and the help of a good friend. I was just wondering how you painted them? I have sprayed mine 3 times with spray paint and it just seems to keep soaking it up.

good job making them Brandy! I brushed on paint, not spraypaint - I think it covers a little better. Good luck!!

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