September 17, 2011

Photo Glimpse

Remember, each week I'm sharing a non-crafty side of life.......

Um, everyone's kids do these sorts of things, right?!?!


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11 Fabulous Comments:

Oh, that would be a calm day in my house! looks like fun ;)

Yes, completely normal! and cute : )

haha! A least a few times a day my kids act like dogs & bark at me and I have to translate what they mean :)

I glad to see that my child is not the only one that likes to lick the bowl!

Haha How CUTE! Time to bring home a puppy. I would recommend a German Shepherd. :-)

Yep, they do! Or worse!hahaha

Yes. I did that when I was little, and I can imagine my own children will once they're here. :)

My kids love to eat like a dog/cat. Much fun!

We call those activities, "Playing Puppies" and "Burrito Babies". It's good to know that we're "normal"!

LOL! Thats is totally something my daughter would do!!

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