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You know when you get on a kick for one thing?  Like if I’m sewing, then I do a lot of various sewing projects, or try to crochet then I want to try several things.  Or when I sit down to cut vinyl – while the ole Silhouette is fired up I cut a bunch of stuff.
Which I did lately.  So I thought I’d dedicate today to vinyl.  And I have something for you too – read til the bottom (that’s how I make you stick around til the end)
So first up, we get tons of door-to-door salesmen – really!  I try to politely turn them away, but the last guy wouldn’t leave after I said I wasn’t interested, a half-dozen times.  He even started to pull out my porch chairs and said “let’s just sit here and check out {whatever he was selling}” – I said “I’m shutting the door now” and thought, well it’s time to get a No Soliciting sign!
So I cut one out of “frosted vinyl” – – it’s supposed to look like etched glass, so it kind of blends in.  No one has tried to sell anything since – coincidence? maybe, but I’ll tell myself it’s the sign…

 Anyways, the Silhouette is super easy to use, and while I had the frosted vinyl in there, I thought I should cut one for you too!  It’s just as simple as copy-and-paste what I already had designed.

So I have one to giveaway – – just be a follower of my blog (since it’s my giveaway, I get to make you like me :)  ).  Leave any sort of comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner this weekend sometime, so it’s a pretty quick turnaround.

Stick around all day – – more vinyl, coming up….

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    Boy, do I need one of those signs!! If I have to tell one more person I don’t want a “free” carpet cleaning, I may scream. Thanks for the opportunity to make sure that doesn’t happen.=)

  2. says

    I follow you. I definitely need a sign like that. We had a guy come to our door one day and spent 10 minutes trying to sell us on something. Then, he came back the next day and asked if his DD could use the bathroom and tried to sell us again on the product while she was doing her business.

  3. says

    That’s a clever idea. Tuesday I had asked my husband why our neighborhood doesn’t have a no soliciting sign like some of the others around here. Which of course means they all come to ours! Ugh!

  4. says

    I completely agree with you. I looked into a sign last time we had a salesman here. We don’t get too many, but when you tell them you are not interested 4+ times, and they still try to go into their sales pitch, that’s when I close the door on them. I am going to have to make one of these soon, with a new baby due any day now, that’s all I need is the doorbell/dog to wake the baby!

  5. says

    I recently put up a ‘no solicitors’ sign too (not nearly as pretty as yours though) and I still had someone come to the door yesterday trying to sell me half-price steaks. Hopefully you have more luck with yours! And yes, I’m a follower. :)

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    I really need one of these. We just moved in and have been hit up for all kinds of stuff already. Your sign is so cute! Way better than the Office Depot one I was going to get.

  7. says

    I seriously want a Silhouette! The problem is I’m trying to save up to buy a house, and well, that’s out of my impulse spending comfort zone. But in the mean time, I will keep drooling (and pinning) the projects I love. And one day hopefully I’ll get my own to play with!

    I really like the frosted vinyl. I can see a lot of uses for it. I also just moved into an apartment, and given the visitors, I’ve already had, a no soliciting sign would come in handy!

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    I follow you on my GoogleReader. Also, I need this sign! We get a ton of solicitors as well and I hate it when I’m home alone. Plus, this sign is gorgeous!

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    I’ve been reading your site forever, but I’m now your newest follower! Recently I’ve been able to tell solicitors that my husband is unemployed and that seems to work. But I’m hoping that soon that won’t be the case and I’ll need the sign!

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    Been following since day 1 (almost). Don’t think anyone follows just for give-aways. You’re just too fun to read. Our neighborhood is the go-to place for solicitors and trick-or-treaters. Love the kids, but dislike people wanting me to buy something on my doorstep. A couple of days ago some teenage girls wanted to paint my curb – and wouldn’t take NO for an answer. And last month the foreign book sales woman wouldn’t leave even though I has just burnt my hand on the oven. I don’t want to literally shut the door in someone’s face. Would love a sign. :o)

  11. says

    I’m a follower!! I told my kids a few days ago that I needed to make some sort of sign like this. We don’t get solicitors coming to our door a ton, but when they do come, it’s hard to get away from them!!

  12. says

    Oh i would love one of these. I too need to make one of those signs. I am getting so tried of people coming up and freaking out my dogs. Thanks for the chance to win, and of course I follow you :)

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