TV Stand Dresser Reveal

The dresser’s done, but the area’s not, so I’ve been holding out on the “reveal” – – but then I thought I’d just go ahead and show you – – -

So our TV stand just wasn’t calling to me anymore.  Trevor made it several years ago and it was great for what we needed then.  It was a big cabinet that housed the TV.  Then we got a bigger TV that wouldn’t fit inside, so he hacked off the top of the whole thing.  It was alright, but as with most things, after a few years I was ready for a change.

So I was on the hunt for a dresser.  But they were really hard to come by – I blame in on the economy (because that’s where everyone puts the blame!) – people are trying to be more frugal so they are either:
–Keeping their furniture longer instead of buying new things and giving their old things to Thrift Stores
–Shopping at Thrift Stores, taking all the good stuff, and driving up prices
My goal was a $20 dresser – I wanted it to have personality.  The whole search for a dresser as a TV Stand started when I saw this one over at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss:

Sad side story – I actually found something really similar to this for $20 on clearance at a Thrift Store, but I hadn’t yet run the idea by Trevor and I wasn’t sure if he was in on a dresser for a TV Stand.  So after he said let’s do it, we went back and it was gone – ugh! – a life regret that I didn’t buy it on the spot. (I have a list of garage sale life regrets, when I didn’t act fast enough – like that amazing loft bed ……anyways…..)

So after months of looking on Craigslist, at garage sales, etc, when I came across this one for $40 at a Thrift Store, I went for it.  Kate assured me it was a good deal.

I painted it yellow – note to self, when painting yellow, prime – double prime even!  I probably put on 8 coats of yellow, and I swear it still could use more.  I love the personality in the curved drawer fronts.  Picture of  “in progress” – -

So I never loved my basement layout.  With the new dresser, we rearranged – the couch is now where the TV used to be, and the TV is on the other way – – it makes things so much more open!

Thing still left to do:

–buy a bracket to hang the TV on the wall (like the inspiration photo) – – but those brackets are pricey, and it’s not a have-to, so it’ll probably be a while….

–hide the components – – The wall behind the TV is our storage room, so we plan to cut a hole in the wall and store the console stuff on a shelf in the storage room, with some sort of glass picture-frame thing so you can still use remotes – great idea, right?!?  It’s on the someday list.

But for now, I’m loving the new feel the dresser TV stand brings to the room – -

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    so pretty! yellows are work, but I think worth it in the end. I have a client that has their things in a closet…they bought an infrared sensor and poked it through the wall…that is all it took to work their device(s).

  2. says

    Oh, I wish I could find the link for you but it is hidden to me at the moment. I saw a blog post somewhere at sometime (I think it was within the last year though) about how to DIY a TV bracket. It was real sturdy how they did it. It might be something to look into instead of saving for an expensive option.

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    Love it! I am on the hunt for a couple of dressers to use as buffets (AND STORAGE!)!! I love the simple, clean lines of the one you found and of course, the fun colored paint is great!

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    I did our TV stands/dresser in a bright coral color for our room and it’s there same EXACT dresser!! I originally planned to do it in yellow like yours too! Yours looks wonderful

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