September 8, 2011

Vinyl - where oh where??

Just a quick commercial interruption on vinyl day - -

Want to know where I get my vinyl??

--some from Silhouette - I've used their iron-on transfer (slick and fuzzy), frosted (for the etched glass look) and heavy duty (for my front door and van).

--some from Expressions Vinyl - they have pretty good prices, but shipping can get you sometimes, so I try to order a bunch at once and get my money's worth out of the shipping.


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I buy mine from a vinyl/neon sign supply company here in my city. They are way cheaper than buying it by the foot from other places. Sometimes there's a minimum, but the price is worth it, I have a little biz so it's definitely worth it for me to buy more. It usually runs around 2.50$ a yd x 24" if I buy more than 10 yds, and no shipping charges. Fun stuff!! Love your blog by the way.

thanks for posting...i just got a silhouette and have no vinyl...was trying to find the best place to get to learn to use it!

I was wondering this!
I'm thinking of getting a silhouette soon. It's that or Cricut, but I lean towards Silhouette, can you give any advice?

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