September 14, 2011

WIWW - another revisit

Remember those pants I called Pilazzo but they're really gaucho - - here's how I wore them that time:

Well, I tried a more fitted shirt, as many of you suggested - - I think this look is better, right??
Better?? or should I just give up?


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15 Fabulous Comments:

Much better. Maybe its the necklace change also, but it actually looks good.

PS Make your bed before taking pics.

Yes! Much better...very cute! And I love how your bedroom is turning out. :)

looks great. love the matching necklace too!

I like the pants with both shirts. Maybe a low slung belt with the fitted top? I don't know. I always love everything you wear, even if you think the outfits don't look good.

I'm no fashion expert, but I think both outfits look great! :)

love the fitted shirt and the necklace! very cute!

ps is kim you mom or sister? lol

Definitely better!!! And gauchos are so comfy! I say keep! :)

And really... Who is this Kim??

GOTCHA! After looking around... Kim is mom! haha! I guess Mom's do get to say make your bed... heehee!

A more fitter shirt is much better, it shows off your lovely figure without all tight and revealing!

Definitely better. That's something I would wear!

i love it with the fited shirt and your hair is way cute!

I like it- definitely better

love it! the proportions are great and the necklace brings the whole look up a few levels, totally finishes the look. thanks for sharing! donna

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