WIWW – boring-ish

Kind of a boring What I Wore Wednesday (hence WIWW) post because we were at an amusement park for a few days.  Seems like proper amusement park wear is either tshirt and shorts (my option) or anything that shows an x-rated amount of skin – yikes!

So since I didn’t think to take a picture of my tshirt and shorts outfits, here are a couple of random pictures – – after getting off the “Lost River” ride –  most of us are mildly wet, except for my toddler who got drenched!

And a few of us in the fun house – – the floor is super slanted at this point, and the mirrors make you look like you go on forever – -

Speaking of tshirt and jeans, it’s my normal wear on these hot summer days, but I do try to step it up a little with accessories – – here I threw on that necklace I made awhile back:

I wore my lace skirt to church on Sunday.  I paired it with a hot pink shirt and hot pink shoes, but wasn’t sure if that was too matchy-matchy. (See those boys spying on me?!?)

Also, I stretched myself a bit and wore a flower clip that had feathers on it – pretty daring, but kind of fun.  (All my accessories on this day are from my new gig as a jewelry consultant – everything is $5 – seriously!!  Let me know if you want more info on that – mandybeez at gmail.)

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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