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Remember last week on What I Wore Wednesday, I rehashed a bunch of old looks.  Well I had to start this week by pointing out that occassionally I actually get new things.  And not only that, new from a store (Old Navy Outlet), not even a garage sale.  I love this shirt – it’s pretty safe, but is just a little different with the whole flutter sleeve thing.  I wore it out on a date with Trevor – -

I’ve worn this dress before – still loving it:

But what’s new is I tried out sporting a headband.  I think it worked out pretty well.  I think the key to adults wearing headbands is to place them directly on your head.  Don’t be tempted to put them on over your eyes then push them up onto your forehead – that’s not the look these days, right??

Also, I did buy this shirt at a garage sale – for $.50 I thought bubble gum pink polka dot knit was fun enough to use to refashion something for my girls – the knit at the fabric store is usually boring.  But then I saw it at home and thought I should just wear it instead of cutting it up.

But then we ran to the store and my 4 year old was sporting these much-loved shoes…..

yes, in pink polka dot, matching my shirt.  And so I’ve having second thoughts – I think it might be a juvenille look and I should cut it up after all.  Thoughts?!?

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    totally agree about the headband thing, you wore it perfect! I think the pink polka is cute, but it needs IMHO a navy or dark cardi to help make it mature…

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    I also just bought that same shirt at Old navy but in black, love it! I think the pink polka dot shirt is fun, I’d wear it on a lazy day around the house, it looks so comfy.

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    I love your jeans, too! And I think the pink shirt is fun- you are a young mom and can pull it off! But you could also tone it down with a little jacket? Maybe in a light color, like a khaki blazer? Hmm. Anyway, love your WWIW! Makes me think about what I wore… and makes me want to try harder! :)

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    I really like the date night outfit! And the bracelet you’re wearing looks cute – any chance we can get a close up of it?

    I like the polka dots – they’re fun. I do like Bev’s idea of a cardigan to go with it.

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    You look great in every single look! I love polka dots but with the pink it is trending a tad girly…only bc there’s so much of it rather than an accent.

    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle!

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