September 19, 2011

Wrapper Paper Alternative

What is that quote, Necessity is the Mother of Invention??? Something like that.  Anyways, when my son was leaving for a birthday party and we still needed to wrap the present, and the reused bag box only had pink options in it, I had to think quick.  I told him it'd look really cool wrapped in foil.  Sold him on it - phew!  And for the best  - since we were out of tape, the foil could hold itself into position.

And it was true - great boy wrapping paper - foil!  


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Yup, I've definitely used foil in a pinch. The funnies from the newspaper are always a hit too.

What a great idea! I would have never thought of that. You could get really creative with foil and I think it would be fun. Thanks for sharing!

Oh I love this idea! And you wouldn't have to tape it...even better because half the time I can't find it! :)

Have I ever done that in the past? Yep. Did I think about crimping the foil so I didn't need tape? Nope. Very smart.

The first year my daughter was in Preschool the teachers let them wrap their gifts they made for their parents by themselves using Aluminum Foil. She felt like sucha big girl, that she had warpped it herself.

I think for the next year and a half she insisted wrapping all Birthday gifts and any other occasion that came up - one wedding shower that I remember... using only Aluminum Foil! Sure I got some strange looks... but she felt so big and proud and that was worth it to me. :)

Love your blog - don't remember how I happened up on it today... but I did and I've read every post thus far... and will copy the link to where I am and pick back up tomorrow. ;) It's like exploring a good book when I find a "new to me" blog! :)

I need to do better about keeping my two updated.... I'm so far behind.

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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