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Just some random, behind-the-scenes type of info on this here blog, good ole Sugar Bee Crafts – – (do you find it funny that I watermarked this picture, when the sign is essentially a giant watermark in itself….anyways….)

I answer every comment I can that has a question in it – really!  What, you’ve never seen my answers?!? – it’s because I get all your comments emailed to me, so to answer a questions I just hit “Reply” while in my email and it goes directly to that person.
Want to know a problem – some of you don’t have your email linked to your comments – so I reply to the generic address of “noreply-comment@blogger” – curses!  I write a nice response and it goes to no one – and you don’t get your answer – double curses!  It’s super easy to fix – takes less than a minute, so if you haven’t done it yet, All you have to do is go into your Blogger Dashboard and find where you can “edit your profile” near the top and click on it. Then find the section “show my email address” and check the box.

I have a Facebook Page – so?  Well, lots of fun stuff happens on there – I give extra shout-outs to people, tell you about great deals I’ve bought for myself, show you sneak peaks of projects I’m working on, ask for opinions, etc.  It’s the inside scoop to all things fabulous.

—If you’re in to other social media stuff, I occassionally Twitter and StumbleUp, and I’m addicted to Pinterest – all those links can be found in the buttons on the top right.  Feel free to post any of my links onto those sites – love the exposure!!

—Did you know - I usually post a couple of times a day!  I can’t hold myself to just one post.  More fun for you!  People ask how I do it – if I were posting in real time it would be unmanageable, but I write several posts at once and preschedule them to automatically post at the time I want them to – that’s how to balance things.

—I usually have a giveaway each week – I’ve taken polls, and you all seem to just love giveaways, and sponsors love the exposure – it’s a win-win.

—My mom is named Kim and she likes to leave snide comments, like how I need to make my bed.  Once you know it’s my mom, it makes a lot more sense….

—I don’t post on Sundays – me and Chik-fil-a, closed for business.  Since blogging is kind of work-ish since I make a little bit of money (what, like $0.25 an hour since it requires tons of time) I don’t even pre-write posts or anything on Sundays.  But I do get the itch so I normally post a bunch on my family blog on Sundays…

—I have a Tutorials Page.  It’s way out of date, missing lots of things.  Updating it is on my to-do…..

What else??  Any random questions you have for me about my blog?? Pop quiz – do you know what it was called before “Sugar Bee Crafts”??  do you know my blog button still has my old blog name on it – it’s been quite a while since the change, guess I should update that….

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Yep, giveaways rock! SO glad when I heard Kim is your mom! I pre-schedule my posts too! And I don’t blog over the weekend at all… Usually have lots of living to do Saturday and Sunday… hahaha!

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    This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. Very cute. I browsed through some of your crafting projects. Love them =)

    I just started a new blog with step by step instructions on crafts and recipes. I’m going to follow your posts from now on since just looking at your page once has already been inspirational!

    I look forward to future posts!


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