Arrow Sign Tutorial

A really quick tutorial on how we made the arrow sign for the craft booth.  I had Trevor cut arrow shapes from scrap wood, then I sprayed them with chalkboard paint.

For the base, you notch out two pieces of scrap wood and then hammer them together – – here’s a picture tutorial:

It’s sturdy enough for my porch – at the craft booth it was windy, so we used a rice bag thing to hold the bottom just in case.

Now that the craft booth is over, I told my kids we could use it for Halloween Decoration.  My first grader thought of this all on her own, dictated it to me as I wrote on the sign.

First, these “ghost” footprints she drew leading up to the house…

Then the sign:

And we even put out glow-in-the-dark spider web:

And she whipped up a sign for our door – -

We are ready for the season!!

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  1. says

    I need to put my kids to work decorating. We have had some cute things in the past and your daughter’s art reminded me to get the supplies and let them go to town.

    Your sign is awesome, by the way!

  2. says

    How cute is that! And I love that you saw over the garbage- what a great idea and no mess then!!
    I have been so lazy and still haven’t gotten my decorations out

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