October 27, 2011

Cardigan vest from a T-shirt

wahoo to actually accomplishing things I pinned.....

I bought a new belt so I needed something to wear with it - I ended up with this:

It was so easy, I didn't even take pictures for you.  But don't worry, I was following the tutorial over at Somewhat Simple (by Simple Simon and Co) - you know, I've featured it before -- this one:

Basically you just hack the arms off a big tshirt, then cut it straight up the front - - writing this blog post probably took 10 times longer than the actual project - it was super quick!

I used some of the scraps from the arms to make a rolled fabric flower broach thing.

So I'm not sold on the bright burnt yellow, but I already had a navy cardigan thing (although long-sleeved) and I didn't know if you could wear black or gray with a brown belt, so I went bold with the yellow.


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13 Fabulous Comments:

I love the yellow, I think the whole outfit looks great!

so cute! Love the flower thing added to it -

Turned out great! The color looks great for fall and that flower just adds a bit of fabulousness to it! ~ Barbara

Mandy- I think it's really cute! You are so skinny!! You look fabulous:)

I really like the yellow... It looks great!

Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

I actually like the yellow. I think the whole outfit turned out great.

love it all. from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

Really? That's a shirt? Super Cute!

Cute new belt too.

Dang girl...you ROCK skillny jeans! ::jill/jealous::

the yellow looks great on you- fun and Fall. Maybe even a pumpkin orange would be cute? And seriously, as Jill said above, you rock skinny jeans!!! So jealous! :) Love checking out your styles!

Love, loved the yellow. Especially with the brown belt, sandles, and accessories.

Very cute. The belt completes the look.

I straight up love this look! You are rocking the yellow too! The flowers make it though!

This turned out so cute! I LOVE the color too. I'm pinning it!
Andrea @ justdownthehall.blogspot.com

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