Coming Soon – Sugar Bee SHOPS!

Athem, attention please – – announcing the second annual Sugar Bee SHOPS!!

It was so fun last year, I want to do it again!  Sugar Bee SHOPS runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday – best shopping times of the year.

What does this mean to you??

Shops – –  it’s a post that will run from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and will list a paragraph and links about any shop (approved by me) that wants to participate.  That way you’re out in front of those who want to do online shopping.  Spots are $10.   I am taking shops in order of who contacts me – I have a little over 10 slots still open.  Email me at mandybeez at gmail if you’re interested in snatching up a spot.

Shoppers - – We all know one of the best ways to shop is from the comfort of home!  So easy and convenient, not dragging kids along, etc.  And we all know the super-cute stuff is online in handmade shops – perfect gifts!  Check out the blog after Thanksgiving for a few days while some great shops showcase their goods.

Have a great Thursday — Friday’s almost here :)

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