October 1, 2011

Dreams come true....

Remember when I used to post recipe-type things every Saturday.  It's kind of slowed down, but I have an excuse - my oven was on the fritz.  I think I mentioned this before, but to bake something required multiple trips to the basement to throw the breaker.

Anyways, while I was spending all day last Saturday having fun at my craft booth, Trevor was not only watching all the kids, but also surprising me with the installation of this beauty:

No excuses now!  Hopefully I'll be showing off delicious baked goods from here on out....


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Totally jealous of your new baby! That's gorgeous!

Whoo-hoo! That is great! Have fun baking!

You will LOVE this...we got ours a few months ago! Can't believe that someone didn't think of this sooner! :)

Wow! It's like kitchen bling!

What a thoughtful hubby - or a hungry one. hehehe This reminds me that I need to clean mine.

Beautiful! Love it! For some reason it has me flashbacking to when Kara & Reed shorted out your stove while we were minding the garage sale. Still makes me laugh (and feel guilty)... Fun times!

Gorgeous! Is it an LG? Would you mind sharing the model number? I'm in the market for new appliances right now and am trying to choose between LG and Samsung. Thanks!

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