October 20, 2011

Dyed Couch Slipcover

Are you brave enough to pour dye into your front load washer??  I did!

I saw this on Young House Love - her pic:

Reading the post made me think, I can do that!!  So I bought the same stuff, the iDye - I wanted to match my bedroom wall, which is a deep royal blue. The couch on the opposite wall needed color - - the before:

Yikes, I know.  But you work with what you have.  I read the online directions - highly recommend that.  There's salt involved, and be sure to soak your item in water before you chuck in into the washing machine.  I was so excited to see the finished product - - and then I pulled it out - not what I was going for :(  It had an overwhelming "denim" feel to it.  Denim was not the color of my wall!  I forgot to take a picture of the denim placed out on the couch (you can see it barely in the corner of the wall picture), but it wasn't a good look - see, they don't go:
 But I wasn't giving up.  On to round 2 - - I went with "Navy" instead of blue - - at round 1 I thought navy would be too dark, which is why I went blue - - but navy was perfect, see:
 Side note - you know how socks always get caught in that rubber gasket thing around the door opening - - um, check in there before you run a load of dye through - - just saying.....

One day I might actually do a big reveal post on my bedroom redo, but that would require finishing the said room, and I'm all about doing projects 80% of the way then moving on to the next thing......


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Love the sock ;) that would be me - I bet the room looks great even at your 80% (which just might be others 100%)

Looks great! I am a fan of dyeing things in the washing machine but make sure you have cleaned your seals really well with a damp cloth before the next load. I learnt the hard way, I now have a green and white duvet with an orange stripe in the middle!!

That blue is GORGEOUS! But I would be so worried about the next (few) loads of laundry. Did you have any problems (outside of the pretty sock)?

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the sock-now you just have to dye the other one :)
I have done dyes in the wash before, but I have a top loader (which is different for sure). Your project turned out great! I get my projects done to the 50-60% mark...so you're doing pretty good at 80%!

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