Earrings – group crafting

You know how I love crafting in a group!!  Several playgroups were set up last year so that kids could have fun and play while moms had fun of their own crafting.

And so this year we’re at it again.  This time, super quick and easy – earrings!

First up, button earrings.  Super easy.  Whip up some covered buttons in the fabric of your choice (you just pop the button together – I have a Covered Button Tutorial here).  Before you snap the pieces together, pull of the button loop part that you use to sew on the button (because for earrings you don’t sew it on to anything). Then just hot glue on earring backs – done and done!

Wear them proud and enjoy how FUN you are!

Next up, paper clip earrings.  A friend (she has a blog HERE) brought tons of super cute scrapbook paperclips.  The one on the right in this picture I did nothing to – just slid on earring hooks.

For others, like the ones on the left, we wrapped them in fabric and glued it on.  That was it!

Some made by people other than me – -

I made the yellow ones with the gray dot fabric, but I kind of wish I would have used lace – aren’t these awesome?!?! (people may stop crafting at playgroup if they know I’m taking headshots and posting them for the world to see, but it’s worth the risk to show off this cuteness!)

So grab so paperclips or buttons and some friends, and get to crafting!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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