Frame Wall

I love my frame wall!!
(but I’m not sure Trevor does – here’s his side of the story…)
The blessing/curse of browsing craft blogs – seeing fabulous ideas I know I need!  I’ve seen frame walls for a while now, and knew it’d be perfect for the big blank wall leading up my stairs.  Here’s the view you get as you open the front door and gaze in as you stand in my entryway:
So, I really had no idea what I was doing, but I’ll share that lack of knowledge because I need filler on my blog…..
I have had this frame wall in my mind for several months, so all through the summer garage sales, I’ve been collecting frames – they cost anywhere from $.25 to a couple dollars.  The gigantic one painted yellow is seriously like 3 ft by 5 ft – I could probably lay down inside of it.  Anyways, it was $10 (as I walked away from that garage sale, the dude was muttering how they paid $200+ to frame that picture, but hey, I was doing them a service by taking it off their hands, and they priced it, so whatever)

Then we marked the wall at the level we thought the kids drag their hands on it – not hard, just use the trail of dirt on the wall.  We knew not to hang frames below that line:

 For the big one, we laid out how we thought smaller ones could fit into it.  That’s about all the planning we had….

We couldn’t reach where the big one would go without getting out the mega-ladder, so we just taped up a piece of cardboard and kept on going….always invite tall people to come help when doing a project like this:

 We just started hanging up which ones we thought would be best in whichever spot.  No measuring, no level – just winging it.

 After hanging them, then I decided which ones to paint blue, or yellow, or leave as is.  Then I took those down and outside and sprayed a couple coats of spraypaint on them.

 Then Trevor had to take over in the evening.  He got out the big ladder, hung all the frames we couldn’t get to – his way involved measuring and doing math – funny to me since earlier we didn’t even get out a level, but his way got the big one up and centered perfectly.

 I really love my fram wall – – here’s a view looking down my stairs from top level:

Frame Wall Reactions – –  
My 1st grader: um, so are you just going to leave it like that, nothing in them?  It’s kind of weird with nothing in them.
My 3rd grader: mom, this wall is so awesome – it’s just like Hogwarts!!
Trevor: I didn’t know we were doing this today… (which is true, I just sprung it on him)

I do plan on putting a letter “B” in that big blue frame on the right, so they won’t be completely empty.  I even bought the letter, I just can’t decide what color it needs to be – thoughts on that?!?!

so, do any of you have a frame wall??  I know they’re all the rage, and maybe I’m the last person to do one, so I know some of you out there have done them….. or maybe this is the inspiration you needed – – you can do this!!

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  1. says

    It turned out awesome! Love the colors and love the placement. I have a frame wall but it has pictures in it and my husband did all of the work.

  2. says

    Those are super cute! Today my sister is coming over, and we’re pulling out all my decorations/pictures to do some major hanging. We’ve been in our home 2 months, and very few pictures are up and I’m going crazy. Once I see what places are missing something, I may have to start collecting frames!

  3. says

    I love it! I did a frame wall too, but I’m not quite satisfied w/ it. Would you mind telling me the colors you used? I especially like the yellow and turquoie.

  4. says

    I agree with all of the other ideas on the color for the “B”… but here’s a couple other thoughts. I thought maybe a clean crisp White/or Cream to make it stand out from the rest. (especially when standing at the door way.) Oooor…. this could be awesome, but maybe not. I was thinking, what about the same color as your kitchen. That green that you see as you look in. Maybe it would tie that wall in with the rest of the house… or maybe it would just clash with the rest or the wall… I don’t know, just some ideas! I’ll be interested to see what you decide!

  5. says

    I have a frame wall in my bedroom. My walls are Sherwin Williams perfect gray….I think that is the colors name. Anyways, I love that color. Then all my frames are white and roughed up. Its awesome, makes me smile everytime I see it. I LOVE yours, and I like the idea of a black or white B. Nice job!

  6. says

    I looove this. I’d probably do the B in yellow or, if it’s wood, maybe just stain it a dark color.

    While I love your frame wall, I doubt I’d ever do my own. I like pictures. So if I had a big, blank wall to fill, I’d have tons of pictures on it. Haha.

  7. says

    I think you should make the “B” the same color green as the room seen through the door (the kitchen?). It’ll be like a little segue into that room! Or perhaps black?



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