Ghost Pillowcase Dress – Dollar Store Style

I was able to recreate the Ghost Pillowcase Dress using items exclusively from the Dollar Store – it’s a cute one, see:
Last year I made an updated version of the classic halloween costume – a ghost, but pillowcase style.  Below is that picture, and it’s post is HERE.
I knew it’d be a great Dollar Store Craft.  From there I bought the following:
–Halloween Garland (loved the shimmer of purple)
–a pack of black dishcloths
–2 flour sack things – they’re by the kitchen towels, and there’s essentially a big square of white fabric

Brief instructions – – cut the flour sacks to the size you want, lay them on top of each other, and sew up the side seams.  Then cut the half-a-“u” shape for the armholes as shown – I finished those edges with a serger, but you could turn the edge and sew it down.  Cut the garland into 2 pieces – one that will go all the way around the bottom of the dress for trim and one to use as a shoulder tie.   Also cut eyes and a mouth from the black dishcloth.

 Then iron and sew down on the top of the front and back about 1 inch.  This will make a casing that the garland can pass through to tie the dress around the shoulders.

 To attach the face pieces and garland trim around the bottom, I just used hot glue.  Then feed the other garland piece through the casing – try on the dress and tie it in place over one shoulder.  Voila!

 I love this costume because it can also be everyday wear during the Halloween season.  My daughter is wearing it with a tank top and leggings underneath.

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    That’s sppooookktacular! So cute, I wish I had a daughter just so I could make her a little ghostie dress… One could use those flour sacks for a myriad of projects, couldn’t one? If one were me, and one could get off the computer long enough to go to the dollar store and buy one….

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