Necklace Holder

We had some extra trim in the garage, so I made it into a jewelry holder.  YES, I did!!  I mitered those corners and everything – I’ve super proud that I did this on my own.  It’s got three rows for all the necklaces (my collection seems to be growing now that I sell tons of cute jewelry and keep some for myself!)

It was really hard to get a picture – it’s hanging in this short hallway inside our bedroom that leads to our master bathroom.  So I couldn’t back up – – here’s the best I could get:

Much better than what I had up earlier – – here’s a reminder:

well, that’s what it was until it fell off the wall (guess hot glue wan’t the best thing to hang it with…)

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    I love the new necklace holder! It is perfect. And I smile every time I think of your old one and how it fell off the wall. Thanks for sharing those little moments with us.


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