October 22, 2011

Photo Glimpse - snow is falling all around...

I know these photo glimpses are supposed to be about the non-crafty side of life, and this is semi-craft related, but I thought you'd enjoy it anyway....

I had some helpers while stuffing the costumes.  
On a positive note, they kept themselves quite occupied while I sewed.  But yikes - the pictures don't do this justice.

Trevor came home, and my mom stopped by  - - both asked about the disaster of snow in the house.  Note - they only saw the main level, which was just the aftermath that shook off the kids clothes.  If only they'd seen that winter had come in the basement....


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Your post title has me singing the primary song. Is it "snow is falling on the ground"?, or "rain is falling on the ground"? Either way...it's stuck in my head now. :)

Your children must have been so very content! They will probably remember this experience "helping mommy" for a long time. Good for you for allowing the subsequent mess... Oh the things we'll do to buy some sewing time!

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