October 29, 2011

Photo Glimpse - St. Louis

Each week I'm sharing pictures from the non-crafty side of life....

Living near Kansas City, St. Louis is the perfect destination for a mini-vacation.  The kids had a day off school last week so we headed out for a couple days of fun.

First up, we met my mom their and she watched the kids while Trevor and I were able to attend the temple (yep, I'm LDS - but you knew that, right?).

 Then Kate and her family drove up that evening to join us for the fun - - we watched their kids that night while they went to the temple.  Nothing quite like a hotel pool - makes is a real vacation!
 The next morning we toured the Gateway Arch, including the museum and riding to the top to look out over the city.
 We spent the afternoon at the zoo - - funny, the zoo picture has no animals in it - oh well.  My favorite at the zoo was the new baby elephant - so cute!
 Side note, on the way home we happened to stop at Midway.  Ring a bell - - well, it didn't with me either, but Kate was in the know - it's the stop that's in the reality show Truck Stop Missouri.  And no kidding - they were filming while we were there -- Kate had me take her picture with the film crew in the background.
We weren't the only ones inside the gas station with a camera.....


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It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I love the zoo. The penguin house is my favorite spot there. Watching the penguins ham it up is so much fun.


I live in STL and I don't know about Midway. Although I did catch commercials about the show, I just didn't know it was shot here. You had great weather to visit here, and a great Saturday - coming off a Cardinal's World Series win!

I didn't know you live in KC. I live in OP. I feel like I know you now... Not that it really changes anything. I love your blog.

I LOVE the picture with all our faces. And yeah... I'm pretty sure we all knew you were Mormon, no worries. ;)

I love the outfit you wore to the temple, very pretty! And what a pretty temple too! Sounds like you had a fun trip!

I am a St. Louis/Kanas City girl, I commented about it before and asked you a question. Relocated to Texas now but miss my good ole' midwest routes!!

Do you know the Reese family? Blue Springs? Not sure what ward they are in.

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