Photo Glimpses – owies

Every week I’m trying to share some non-crafty pictures….

In case you were wondering, yes, our Owie Owl gets used a lot – – a couple of fine samples:

For some reason the kids had the sled out to ride it down the stairs – don’t ask!  Anyways, my 4 year old had the rope that’s tied to the sled wrapped around her wrist when my 8 year old tried to slide down – she she got a rope burn – enter the Owie Owl.….

 The other day I was bravely using the chopsaw – getting confident in my man-crafty skills – – well, the piece that I was holding caught the blade wrong and flung out of the machine, and my hand – see the immediate purple bruise at the base of my thumb.  To try to stop the swelling, I of course grabbed the good ole Owie Owl:

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    Love getting a peek into the non-crafty world at SBC! And LOVE ‘man-crafty-skills’! And whilst I’m on the love fest… I REALLY love the rice filled owie owls!

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