Photo Glimpses – toddler view

(each week I’m trying to post some non-crafty type pictures….)

My toddler has figured out how to operate the camera on my Tab.  I found this on there the other day – – it’s his view of me, sitting at the computer (super mom fail – oh well!)…..

I guess it goes to show he’s capturing real life….

When do you do all your computer stuff??  I check email, etc in the morning, then I try to save blogging, editing pictures, writing tutorials, etc, for the afternoon or after they go to bed in the evening.  It worked out great when the kiddos took naps.  But now they don’t – – but I still declare it “quiet time” so they get to watch a show and rest while I frantically try to get things done.  But as you can see, the show-watching doesn’t always keep them entertained – sometimes they come take pictures of me……

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    Cute! My kids used to take photos ‘for me’…now my grandkids do. I love them though..and they always remember which photo they took too.

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    It’s nevah too early to put a camera in the hands of a child…well, I guess they need to be able to hold it..and then maybe they need to be able to push the button…O.k. maybe there is a point that it’s too young…waka, waka, waka…

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    Hey, I say the kid has talent…LoL. I also try to tackle all of my blogging and other computer tasks early in the morning while I’m sipping a cup of coffee. While the rest of my family is still in sleep mode, morinings have become my downtime. It’s perfect, it’s quiet and it just works for me.

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    Mandy I often wonder when / how other bloggers do it! My 4 year olds still have “quiet time” for naps/reading/shows and even when the 8 year old is home she has “quiet time” in her room to get away from the 4 year olds LOL. It buys me about an hour of computer time. Then I’m on again when the kids go to bed around 8pm. I like to schedule my posts so I usually have one really productive day where I set everything up then I can just check in during the week, link up, visit blog friends, promote ads/posts/giveaways {so I might be on the computer only an hour or two a day ~ when I don’t go on Pinterest, that’s another story!!}
    Where do you do most of your blogging from? A desktop? Or a laptop? My laptop is just a paper weight now and I cant seem to blog from our touchpad. Any suggestions for something mobile?
    And your feather in hair and rag rolling posts were things on my ‘to do’ list with our new little one {great minds think alike}!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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