October 15, 2011

Rag Rolled Curly Hair

I know we did this awhile ago, but I thought I'd talk about it again.  Girls love curly hair (at least those with stick-straight hair like my girls!)

And the back:
Funny how different hair will do different things.  My girls have different hair for sure - - the younger one's hair came out WAYYY kinkier, but it was still cute:

A quick how-to tutorial:  cut a bunch of strips of something - I used discarded fleece.  They're about an inch wide and maybe 6 inches long.

Start with wet hair.
Then hold the strip at the end of a hunk of hair.  Roll up the hair around the fabric.Once it's rolled all the way to the scalp, take the two ends sticking out of the roll and tie them.  That's it!  Sleep on the hair and unwrap in the morning.

Here are both girls on day 2 of curly hair - the curls flatten out to more of a body wave type look:

My old post about this is HERE - i think I spent more time on it, wrapping hair in smaller hunks and making sure they were tight, because that one came out like this:

All ways are cute if you ask me!!  So one night when you have extra time, sit down and watch a show while you roll some hair - family bonding for cuteness!


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their hair is adorable! I remember doing that before pic day when I was little!

Thanks for sharing this. I wish I had know about this when I was young(er). Now that I have a little girl I could try it with, it doesn't matter -she has EXTREMELY curly hair, so doesn't need it... and her mom is super jealous. haha.

Your girls are so beautiful! I also have straight hair, so I love curling it all the time! Thanks so much for sharing!

I, too, have done this...but I was taught just to uses paper towels. It worked great.

Love their hair! So cute ;o)

what cutie pies. I used to do this with my daughters hair when she was young too, ( she's 31 now) Hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

I used to ask my mom to do this all the time when I was a little girl! I am a slick hair girl, and it's true, I'm always looking for a new way to curl my hair! Your girs are cute, even more with that hair!

wow, did this bring back memories, Mandy! I had long thick hair in h.s. and after a couple years of going to bed with rollers and a time-set dryer, I switched to socks. Yes, sock! work just like rags only thicker around your head to sleep on ;)

How cute! Would love to see if this works in my girls' hair (or maybe even mine!).

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