October 21, 2011

Trick or Treat Paper City

So way back around the first of October, I thought I was on top of things and I wrote an outline of my posts for the month.  Well, then I got un-on top of things.  I usually have posts written a few days beforehand, but here I am writing posts the night before they debut.  And so I got out my handy blog calendar and looked and saw that I would post about my gratitude board.

That'd be great, except for I haven't even made a gratitude board!  Makes the post a little hard to write :)  I want to, and apparently I planned to, I just haven't gotten to it.  Good thing there's still a week left in October, so we can all get it done before Nov 1st.  Here's the one I want to make, from Jellybean Junkyard - I've had it on my to-do since last November when I didn't get it done....

But, just to show you I have been doing SOMETHING, here's a craft that takes 2 minutes - - seriously, just print it out and cut out the shapes - super cute, and the kids love it!  It's a Trick or Treat Paper City from made by Joel:

They LOVED it!
 And then when the older kids got home from school, the fun started again, so well worth the piece of cardstock I used to print it out and the box from the trash pile.


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