October 26, 2011

WIWW - Big Earrings!

What I Wore Wednesday for me is all about branching out and stepping up my style.  You know I'm now a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant (do you want to earn extra $$ - I obviously think this is a great way to do it - you can read my Post HERE - everything is only $5, and you earn 45% of sales - awesome)

So with the accessory line I have lots of inventory I like to shop from :)  - I've been shying away from the big earrings, til a friend said since her baby kiddos still pull on necklaces, she likes to just wear big earrings and no necklace.  And plus I always see people wearing big earrings and like it, I just thought they didn't work on me.  But I think that was my perception.

So I challenged myself to branch out into big earrings - I think it's working!!

These I've actually had for a while from Target:

These I got off of WhoopdWhoop, where you list handmade items then get points to buy handmade items - so kinda like free shopping:
The rest are Paparazzi - -

First up, purple earrings with a yellow shirt - - isn't the new matching, "not" matching?!?!  As long as they're both solid colors, it goes, so purple and yellow are okay?

Again, not-matching matching, coral and turquoise - - I thought this outfit was a homerun.  I tried doing my hair curly-ish as well...

And then these are the hugest of all - but something about them calls to me --- they don't look quite as big as pictured, but apparently I'm leaning my head forward....

So what about you - - have you given big earrings a chance??


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I love all the earrings. I am so with you.. always been to scared to wear.. thanks for the challenge. next week I'll try this. also you look amazing in the coral outfit. the hair toats absorbs, for real! way to hit a home run!

Your curly hair look really cute! Even though I also have access to lots of jewelry, I'm pretty simple when it comes to earrings. I like to layer my necklaces and bracelets so I tend to keep my earrings on the simple side. But sometimes I do enjoy a pair of big earrings if I have a top that I can't wear necklaces with.

Cute cute cute, all of them I adore big earrings the bigger the better. I have tons.

i've been trying to branch out into bigger earrings too....cute!!! love the homerun {coral and turquoise} outfit. your curly hair looks adorable!

I think big earrings are cute! I'm glad to see they're making a comeback. :-)

Hi..... very beautiful but I liked very much your orange blouse....very lovely.... see you...

Ha! That's funny that your friend says that-- I've had a few necklaces get ripped off by babies, but I'm much more afraid of them grabbing big earrings (ouch!), so I generally avoid them. I have also recently aquired some bigger earrings, and since my "baby" is 2 1/2, I think she can be trusted not to grab them and yank, so it's something I have been playing with a bit too. I think big earrings can be a fun touch!

I think the turquoise and coral looks great! Love the curly hair as well!

Amy and I are on the same page.

The orange & turquoise outfit w/ the kinda curly hair is WONderful! You look great in big earrings by the way.

Love your coral and turquoise outfit - looks great all around, and the earrings make it. Love your curly look! The curly hair and ruffled/gathered top work well.

I love big earrings always will. Even with earrings from my own shop, I go for the big stud chrysanthemums. Always the POP I need.
BTW, do you have a Streak for Cancer in your hair?!

I have a few pair of big earrings too... Guess I need to work on incorporating them more because I can't really think of the last time I wore them!! :) That coral outfit is PERFECT!!! Love the turquoise and coral combo and your hair looks AMAZING curled!!

Oh my gosh Mandi ~ love the coral and turquoise outfit and the curly hair! That's a keeper for sure!

Day to day I can't wear big earrings for work but I like them so any excuse to wear my big hoops instead of my small ones... lol.

But anyway the coral with the teal IS a home run!

Found you through Monday Mingle..
I am a HUGE fan of big earrings..
Love that coral and turquoise pairing...PERFECTION!
Following along..
Best and Happy Halloween.

Good for you! Yes, sometimes all it takes is a statement earring or necklace to make the outfit and give you a little inspiration. LOVE

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