WIWW – help on picking!!

I know this is supposed to be “What I WORE Wednesday”, but I interrupt that regularly scheduled program for this one, “What SHOULD I Wear!?!?”

We are doing family pictures in a week or two, and you know how hard it is to decide on what to wear.  The colors for everyone are Red, Gray, and dark jeans.  I think I have most the family picked out, I just need help with me! Mainly my jeans – I know I want this gray stripe shirt, then I’ll pop the red color with the belt and my red wedge shoes.

But help me pick my jeans!  I even added a poll for you to make your opinion known (down below).  And feel free to leave comments on this post as well – here we go….

Choice A - my everyday jeans.  I love these jeans and their wide stitching.  But since they’re my everyday jeans, they aren’t that long (I mainly wear flats).  Not sure if they are long enough for the wedges or dressy enough for pictures (although we are going with a casual look):

Choice B – my trouser jeans.  I bought these at a garage sale for $4 and at the time wondered if I spent too much – well, it was a great deal because I love them!   Anyways, I love how they’re so dark and kind of dressy – they would probably be my choice, except once again, they look kind of short with the wedges.  Too short??

Choice C – long and light.  Not that these are really light, but they’re the lightest of my dark jeans.  Does that make them too casual for pictures?  They are new and I got a great deal on super clearance, but they’re “long” – I plan to hem them, so I could hem them to an appropriate length to wear with wedges.

Choice D – Skinny.  I like how they’re dark and fit well, I just didn’t know if you can wear skinny jeans with wedge shoes – is that allowed?  I also like how skinny jeans are kind of trendy – the pictures would show what’s in style in 2011 (if I’m in style?!?!)

Choice E - long and dark.  Another bargain pair that needs to be hemmed, so I can hem them to the length I need with the shoes.  I love the dark color.  My problem with these jeans is that I think they don’t fit as well as some of my other jeans – they’re a little on the baggy side.  Makes them super comfy, but not sure if they’re picture-worthy.

So, what do you think?!?!  I need help in deciding, so chime on in! (you can vote for 2 if you just can’t decide)
Here’s the poll:

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    why don’t you wear the skinny jeans and roll them up? they would still go with the wedges…and no heming required. and it would show of the “trend”. otherwise my vote is the trouser jeans. you know i love those!!

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    I agree, you do look great in the skinny jeans. However, for a family portrait, you want to error on the side of classic, not trendy. Trust me, if you wear the skinny jeans–no matter how good they look now–in a few years your kids will mock them. Kind of like how we mocked our moms for the poodle perms and huge white collars they were wearing in our family portraits. You should go for the classic bootcut or trousers, just for the sake of posterity.

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    Wow – I’m in the minority! I like “a” because I think most of the others look too long…but no one else agrees with me :) Regardless, you’ll look adorable in the pictures!

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    You look great in all of them!

    A = These are really cute jeans and you wear them well. I like the fun/wide stitching but they’re a tad too short.

    B = No! They just don’t look right.

    C = Like! These look great, but…

    D = FANTASTIC! This is coming from a woman who stears clear of skinny jeans. I’m so jealous right now. Dang! Now I want a donut!

    E = Too long & sloppy.

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    I don’t think you could go wrong…they all look cute! I LOVE your shirt and red belt too….I can’t wait to see how the family pictures turn out and everyone else’s outfits. I voted for the skinny jeans because they were the ones that I thought looked the cutest, trendiest, and most flattering. BUT…like I said, I think they all work!

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