October 19, 2011

WIWW - Jewelry (another poll! come vote)

So once again, I'm veering off from the normal "what I wore wednesday" post - - last week's poll on which jeans I should wear for my family pictures was so fun - loved watching the votes and reading the comments.    Looks like I'll be going with the skinny jeans (a know a couple of you were against them, including my mom, who claimed if I'm wearing skinny jeans then she's showing up topless - yikes!)

So, I have another dilemma - - jewelry!  I know I want to wear that red belt, so I'm not sure what jewelry to wear - the belt is throwing me off.

I'm pretty sure the long red necklace isn't an option - competes with the belt too much:

But what about a small necklace?  Does it take away from the pow of the belt?  Or is what I need?
To let the belt shine, I could go with no necklace, but is it too blank up top?  I tried to balance the no necklaces with big dangly earrings - is this the way to go?
So yep, another poll this week - - which do you think is best??  Pictures are this weekend, so I need to decide by Saturday!


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I voted for the small necklace but I have to say I am a huge fan of the way the belt looks! It seems to distract your eye from everything else. You have such a cute shape but you can't see it because of the belt.

i voted small necklace and earrings.. love the outfit altogether and can not wait to see what the whole fam is wearing!

I need another choice, which is just the earrings, but not those. You need more red in the earrings.

Love the waynthe short necklace looks! It brings in the red but is much more subtle than the long one orneven the big earrings

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