WIWW – shirts, weird or wearable??

So I’ve gotten a few new-to-me shirts and need your opinion on them – maybe the original owners passed on them because they’re too weird, and so should I??  Or maybe I’m here to bring them new life??

First up, I can’t resist good deals.  This shirt was only $3 at a local resale shop.  It’s snug fitting but has this different flowy layered collar thing around the top of it.  Whatcha thing??  Too crazy?  Just the right interest?  I wore it to my craft booth and occassionally the wind would blow it all around and I would think, this is one weird shirt.  I also bought new sunglasses for $5 from a booth a few spots down – I’m branching out because aviators aren’t me at all, but I thought I’d push myself:

Now, these next two shirts are the same, in different colors.  They were passed on to me by a friend who had them passed on to her. They’re the “tuxedo” shirts that were all the rage a few years ago.  Maybe they went out of style because they’re a little weird?  The shoulders are kind of poofy, and the collar comes up pretty high.  I think the black one looks better than the magenta one – maybe because of those giant earrings I’m wearing to take your eyes off the shirt??

Just ignore my cuffs in that last picture – I uncuff them when I go places (normally – sometimes I forget) but I cuff them at home because they’re so long they drive me crazy.  I know I need to hem them, I just can’t decide if I should hem them to wear with flats or with heels, so they remain as is….

Anyways, let’s hear you weigh in on my shirts!!

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    Actually I don’t mind any of the shirts. Even if the shirts are “last year” you can make them modern with accessories which is exactly what you did with the black one (might be why you like it better). I think they all look good! BUT I would def hem those jeans hehehe

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    I think you look cute in all three – if I saw you in public I would just think you were well put together and never question if the shirt was weird…it is so easy to dress our children, but I never get out of a t-shirt and cropped jeans!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE that first shirt, and the other two, well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them too! :) They’re all interesting.I think that’s why I like them!

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    I think all three shirts look great! I’m really into those flowy ones like the top one right now. They seem to be very forgiving. :) I like the pants cuffed! haha. I wear mine like that once in awhile. NOT often… My legs are too long… So I buy really long jeans for boots and heels, then cuff them with flats.

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    I think the first shirt is great but remove the necklace and add one of the cute little flowers everyone is making with the burned edges. The other 2 are find but the purple may not be your best color, hard to tell in front of the red couch.

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    I actually don’t like any of these shirts. The top one isn’t bad… I like the flowy part, but don’t like the fitted part at the bottom. But I live in jeans and tshirts, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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    I really like the first shirt. I like the other shirts too, though I agree with you the sleeves are kind of big and poofy. They are fine as is, but I think they could be GREAT with a tailored sleeve. Maybe you could test it out on the magenta one, that way if it doesn’t work out – no loss – then again, I’ve seen your sewing skills and I’m sure you can figure out something simple and great! Plus I’d LOVE to see the tutorial for it!!

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    I think you should do something to the tuxedo shirts. I have one and every time I put it on I just hate it! But I just bought it and it’s still in good condition (since I don’t ever wear it) I took the elastic out of the sleeves and that made wearing it as a last resort bearable. I would love to see what a creative person can do with the tuxedo :)

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