You Are Awesome – several opportunities for you!

Umm, happy halloween.  Sorry this post isn’t spooky.  Or is it?!?!?!


So, you know you’re awesome, right?!?!  I need some awesome up in here – yep, I need you :)  More on that on down….

But first, FYI, I have about 3 spots left in Sugar Bee Shops if you’re interested….

Second, these people are super awesome, so check them out — they like to comment, and I like to read comments, so it’s a win-win:


Third, who wants a free ad spot on my sidebar for November? – – I’m giving one away this week – wahoo!  To enter, just visit any one of my sponsors, they’re all awesome, then come back here and leave a comment saying who you checked out, what you loved, whatever.  One way to enter, winner drawn at the end of the week.

Fourth - where you come in – yep,  calling all guest posters! Several of you have inquired about guest posting, and I normally don’t have guest posters, except for a couple of times a year.  And it’s been awhile, so let’s do it!


Info about guest posting:
I want everyone to have the chance – – if you’ve never guest posted before, go for it!  I can walk you through it, so no excuses.  If you’ve guest posted before, you know how fun it is to pop on someone else’s blog – and possibly get their readers to pop on over to your blog.
–I am awful about doing holiday-related posts, so that’s what I’m looking for – either winter, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc – I know you have great ideas!!
–It needs to be a tutorial – that means, showing how to make/do/sew/cook something.  The full tutorial will be posted here (not just part).  It’d be great if it’s a new tutorial that you haven’t posted yet.  But if you have something fabulous you’ve already posted and you’d like to share the whole tutorial, that would be alright.
–I would need your post by Nov 9th (or earlier).  The Guest Post Extravaganza will run Nov 10-Nov 19, excluding Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, and the 17th.  If 100 people are interested (highly unlikely), then I’ll just run 10 posts on the 10 days – that way everyone gets the opportunity (if only 10 people are interested, then it’ll only be  post a day).  I will assign your date to you after I have everyone signed up.
–I will need you signed up to participate by this Thursday, Nov 3rd.  Just go to THIS DOCUMENT and leave me your name and email address so I know you’re interested.
–I will send out more info on Nov 4th as to how I want the post formatted, etc.

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

Thanks for Reading


  1. says

    Ok, this may take a minute! lol

    YAY, I’m still a top commenter on your blog! I love it. ;0)

    I visited Poppy Seed Fabric, and I seriously can not pick just one fabric set. I REALLY need to grow my fabric stash, so I love all of it. lol

    I would love to guest post….but I’m gonna need a day or two to figure out if I have something REALLY GOOD to share on your blog. I mean, it has to be PERFECT!

    Oh, and I pinned the same “quote” at the top of this blog. HA!

  2. says

    How fun! I’d love to win an ad spot. I checked out Candy Tiles, and discovered great prices on jewelry making supplies. I think I’ll be revisiting them before Christmas.

  3. says

    Back again, wow you have a lot of neat sponsors. what a great way for us to see them. I really liked Jenny Jemz and Raspberry Creek and Birdsong. I checked out most of them!!

  4. says

    I checked out Momanizer! What a great new blog. Would love some ad space :) And I just signed up for the guest will be my first one!!

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