DIY Holiday Dishes

today is a short break in the Guest Posting Extravaganza so I can show off some Martha Stewart awesomeness….guest posters take back over tomorrow….

 I was recently sent some of the Martha Stewart craft paint line to review – wowza, this stuff is amazing!  It’s made for all surface types – – here’s the scoop:

Transform everything from curtains to glassware to flower pots with the first multi-surface craft paint available! Martha Stewart Crafts™ premium acrylic paints provide superior coverage for all fabric, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal craft projects. 

 Did you read that – multi-surface paint – works on anything!!  So I thought about what to do and thought it would be genius to make some holiday dishes.  After formulating my plan and getting started, I noticed that it wasn’t my own genius idea, but that I probably saw the package and the idea seeped into my subconscious – see, they painted mugs too:

But I really thought I came up with the idea – oh well, it’s still a great one!  I don’t have any holiday dishes, and it seems like a big splurge to buy some.  So why not make your own.  First, scour the thrift store for something appropriate – I was thinking glass cups at first, but then I found these plates, whole pile for $1.50 total:

and these mugs, on a different shelf and stamped different on the bottom, but looked like the matched the plates to me – the mugs were $1 for the set (if I remember right):

So for less than $3, I have a whole Holiday Plate Set (setting for 6 – a couple of the plates were chipped) – not bad!!

I used the foam stencil from the set packaging I showed above – it’s genius!!  it’s a foam sticker, so it worked great on the curve of the mug and lip of the plate.  If you’ve ever tried to stencil on a curved surface, you know it’s impossible – until now!  My snowflakes were so crisp – a friend said they looked like vinyl stickers, not painted on, because they had such clean lines.  By the end, my stencil did get a little gummed up, but I used it about 15 times on each set of dishes, so it got lots of use!

On the plates I used some of the glitter paint to go over the snowflakes – you can kind of see it in this picture – just added that touch of sparkle (the one in the middle is showing the glitter):

And then I also added little dots of silver paint in between the snowflakes, on the cup and plate – you can see that best in this picture:

Now a little of a warning – if you want to make your own holiday dishes, do it now!  On ceramic, the paint has to cure for 21 days before it’s ready.  So I haven’t tested it yet because mine’s still curing, but the package says it’ll be top-rack dishwasher safe – – – 

So meanwhile, it sitting on my table looking fabulous – – 

You can find the Martha Stewart Craft Paint Line at Michaels – so head on over and grab yourself some!  The stencils and brushes and anything you need are there too.

 Stay tuned – later today I’ll show off another project I used the new line for, and it’s awesome….

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    Very cute! Is the paint… hmm… kid’s hands friendly? Don’t know the right word… toxic? Can I do handprint plates with it? Love that it cures and can then go in the dishwasher!

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