November 3, 2011

GAP <-------> Me

Um, great minds must think alike - - or Kids GAP is knocking off my blog.....

I was in there the other day and saw this skirt:

Now, if you've been a long-time follower, I'm sure you're already thinking, hey, SugarBee made that same skirt a couple of years ago (feb, 2010) - and you'd be right, see (um, ingore the crazy picture - this is apparently the best shot of the "ombre" look - you're looking at the daughter on the left)

I went light down to dark - they went dark down to light.  I'm sure so that they could say they didn't copy me :)  My tutorial of the Pink Fluff Skirt is HERE.

Mine, $2.75   GAP, $34.95


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I like your version and the models!

CHEATERS! That is super cute!

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Super cute, way better price on your end, plus yours are totally cuter :) super cute pic of your kiddos!

Someone's totally stalking you from GAP!!! How flattering (although a little compensation would be great)! :) I'm loving yours even more!!! Thanks so so so much for letting me link up at your party and I'm honored to be featured TWICE, once as the MOST VIEWED LINK!!! I'll definitely be seeing you at this week's party with more to share!!! I'm your newest follower and hope that you, too will follow me on your next visit!!!

Aimee @

Ok. That is so cool that you are so far ahead of the game that you came up with a better version a year before they even released their skirt! You get so many points in my book, I can't even think of a number! Awesome. =)


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