November 19, 2011

Laundry Room mini makeover, with THE Cameo!!!

I just can't stay away from my blog - - sorry to interrupt Guest Posting Extravaganza again, but this is soooo worth it - -I was sent this from the fabulous people over at Silhouette and I get to show off the new CAMEO for you - wahoo!

So, things I LOVE
  • It's awesome.
  • a HUGE cutting area - it can load a whole 12x12 sheet of paper.
  • SD card slot - I know!!  so if you want to load a few things onto your card, then take the Cameo to a craft night with friends, you don't need your computer at all - this is a GREAT feature!
  • as before, you can use any images from your computer and more importantly, any fonts!! (you know how many free fonts are out there - my font file is already out of control, yet I need more!)
  • kind of along those lines, no cartridges, etc - it's all via your computer
  • easy loading of paper/vinyl
  • it's awesome.

What to make first - the ultimate question.........I went with a mini laundry room makeover, all inspired by pinterest.

First up, do you see how many things I could fit onto my 1x2ft piece of vinyl - I loaded that baby up!  No wasted space - all cut at once - awesome:

My laundry room is right off my front entry, so I went with yellow to kind of pull in the colors from my Frame Wall...(view as you walk in)
Turn left to see the Laundry Room - here's the layout and the door:

I am a geek and love all "witty" type of sayings - "Loads of Fun" - that's so funny to me!
I first saw this one on Pinterest, from the Etsy Shop Janey Mac - so if you don't have a cutter, head over and buy hers:

Laundry Room Wall Decal Quote - Sticker Adhesive Loads of Fun Wording - Vinyl Wall Art Sticker Room Decor

So what did I do with all that other stuff I cut --- brought the washer and dryer to a whole new level of fabulousness!
I got this idea from pinterest from Belle Maison showcasing it:

I love how it looks when I walk by!  The neighbor girl just asked if we got a new washing machine.  So if you think you need a new washing machine, maybe vinyl stickers will do the trick...View backed up a ways:
I already love my CAMEO!!

And guess what - I got an INSIDE SCOOP - the word is that Silhouette will be running an awesome discount on Black Friday - in addition to that, you can still use my promo code (SUGARBEE) - love double-stacking deasl!!  What a great time to get yourself the present of your dreams (I can't be the only one that buys myself presents)...

And here's links to other projects I've done with my Silhouette, in case you want to view more fabulousness:


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Ms Mandy, that is about the cutest thing ever! I might want to spend some time in there if I did that to mine! Those swirly things make anything look fabulous! Love, love, love it!

Okay I keeping seeing all these Silhouette Cameo projects out there... I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy one... Not that I would know how to use it.. I am a complete NERD when it comes to electronics... :) I love your design

OMG I LOVE what you did with the washer and dryer! So stinkin cute!

I LOVE IT! Looks so amazing!!

Oh, this is wonderful! I would love to do something like this when we're not renting anymore. Maybe then Cameos will be less expensive.

Hi Mandy! Just had to pop over from email and say I LOVE the deco on the washer and dryer. It looks AWESOME!

What fun! Anything to make you smile while doing laundry is great. Love, love the new look of your washer/dryer.

How fun is that?!? My laundry needs a fun vinyl makeover now for sure! ;)

(I'm really sorry if this double posts, but I wanted to be sure.)

Thanks for the inside scoop! I'm going to buy myself one on Friday. Will you post something about the deal, or do we need to keep checking the Silhouette blog?

First off I LOVE your washer/dryer design. That is just simply beautiful! I may have to do that to my not so fancy washer dryer! Second, I love how you pooled together all of your projects that you have done with your cameo! How totally awesome! Great job!

I love it!! This project has been on my to do list for some time. I love how you added the 2 colors.

Wow! Love the washer/dryer and the sign!! I finally broke down and bought myself one on Black Friday. Gonna have to add this to the todo list!!

so what's the name of the files you used for your flourishes. I love how it looks!

Wow! Love, love, love it all! Not so bad to do laundry when you have such a fun space to work in. May I ask, what fonts did you use for the laundry sign. So cute!

Love your washer and dryer. Did you use indoor or outdoor vinyl for the project?

great question - - it's an indoor vinyl and it's holding up great!

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