November 5, 2011

Mini Quiche

 Ever heard mini fillo shells? Me either, til Kate told me she had just made delicious mini quiche and right then I thought I need some of that!  So thanks for the heads up - - it's found in the freezer section by the pie crusts and looks like this:
So, grab those, chop up some bacon, stick it in with some shredded cheese, like this:
 Then fill them up with some beaten eggs (like scrambled egg goo, just don't cook it).  Pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes and out comes deliciousness, one mini bite at a time....
Not that I made these for breakfast - because I'm lazy in the morning.  We have breakfast-for-dinner every week and that's when I try fun breakfast food.  For real breakfast, we've been eating Cheetos and buckets of candy - breakfast of champions:


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Breakfast for dinner FTW! What temp would you set the oven on for those mini quiches?

This is a great idea for my breakfast club.

After reading outloud your breakfast of champions idea, I'm literally hearing shouts of "Can we do that?!?!?!" from around the room. :o)

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