November 5, 2011

Photo Glimpse - family shots

A sneak peek of our family pictures - - I think was our best one:

Also, I already shared this on facebook (but you knew that, case you're my friend over there, right?!?!), but here's the better pictures of the Angry Bird Halloween Costumes:

Are the rest of you getting your family photos in order, ready to send out in cards??


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I'm not sure how I will manage to get us all together! Everyone works different hours. It will be a challange!

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You have a beautiful family!

what a beautiful family! love the angry birds, too cute. guys are so cute!

Great pictures! We haven't gotten our taken yet but I've been thinking that we need to!

so so cute! About how many hours do you think you spent on halloween costumes? I love your family shots. I have been working on mine as well. Mostly just taking lots of portraits. None of me and the hubby yet though. Might have to be a date night thing.

Your family portrait turned out great. Now you have me feeling guilty that I haven't done one in a few years......

lol I love your angry birds costumes, they are soooo sweet! And your first family photo is stunning!!

Just happened onto your little site here and well I'm in love, then I saw this picture and I'm REALLY in love... this is just to cute! Love me some Angry Birds!

Both of those pictures turned out great! Yeah... We're using wedding photos for our first cards this Christmas! :) Fun fun!

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