Sweater Pumpkin – It’s a Long story

Hi There all you Sugar Bee Crafts readers! My name is Heather, and my home in blog-land is 
I’m a baby blogger. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, so I am soooo excited to have the chance to guest post here at SBC…one of my faves!! Over at my blog you’ll find a combination of crafts and toddler activities. I’m broke cheap frugal, so my projects are great for the low-budget crafter! My project for you is a perfect example, so let’s get started!
This project started out at Goodwill (don’t the best ones always start at Goodwill?). I found this “awesome” sweater for $5, and just knew it had secret pumpkin aspirations.
I started by cutting the sleeves off, and making rectangles out of those top 3 orange stripes.
Note: When you’re cutting up a striped sweater, make sure you either do it one side at a time, or make sure the stripes are lined up. Of course I remembered to do that…psh! Who would forget to do that! 
Take one of your rectangles, fold it in half and pin it like so:
(I need more blog friendly pins…)
Sew a 1/4 inch seam down this edge. Then fold each half in half and do the same thing again. You’ll end up with something like this:
Repeat this whole process with the other rectangle, and then sew the two rectangles together, leaving you with something like this:
Grab a needle and thread and gather up one end of your pumpkin. It’s difficult to get it closed up all the way, so I cut a rough circle out of brown felt and (very!) roughly whip stitched it on to cover up the edges.
At this point, it also makes a great hat!
(I love this smile!!)
Loosely gather up the other side. Fill your pumpkin with fiber-fill, our your stuffing of choice, and cinch it up. Leave your opening large enough that you could shove some more stuffing in there if you want once it’s closed. 
Now your pumpkin needs a top. I grabbed a stick from outside, cut pumpkin-toppy (??) shape out of some green felt, and stuck the stick through the middle. I put a bit of hot glue around the bottom of the hole, just to keep everything secure.
This piece then got hot glued to the top of my pumpkin. Then I added some copper wire that was just sitting around. I twisted it around the stick a few times, and then wrapped the ends around a pencil to make some super cute little curly-cues.
Isn’t it cute? I am thrilled with the way this pumpkin turned out. I plan on turning the bottom part of my sweater into a pumpkin as well, and maybe the turtleneck as well! I’ll have a cute little pumpkin family! OK…maybe you’re not as excited about that as I am…Whatev.
I hope you enjoyed this little project of mine! Don’t forget to pop over to my blog and check out some of my other fun projects like these:
Thank you so much, Mandy, for letting me play with you guys today! Happy Crafting!
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