November 7, 2011

The Sweet Scallops Tote

Look at me - in a sew along and I finished early!  So now I can blog about it and there's still time for you to join in the fun - awesome!!

The sew-along is over at See Kate Sew - and goes til Nov 15th, so you've still got over a week if you want to jump in and make yourself a Scallop Tote.  She provides the pattern and everything - awesome.  Here's the button:

I went with a holiday theme to my tote, using various red holiday fabrics.  I do have a few tips for you on making the bag - -

---The pattern calls for cutting 2 of each fabric for each scallop - you know, front and back.  But since you don't really see the back of the scallop, I cut that piece out of a white sheet - why waste my good fabric on the underside.  My bag is lined in that sheet as well.  You know me and sheets - I use them all the time - so cheap to buy at garage sales, etc, and they give you so much yardage!

---On the sample ones, she sews the bottom scallops into the seam - I kind of like them hanging down, so I was sure to not catch them into the seam.

---I don't ever claim to be a seamstress, but my aunt is!  When she heard I was making scallops, she gave me the tip on how to make them lay nice and not pucker.  When you sew them, sew one straight stitch across the top of each point.  Then when you turn your fabric right-side out (and have it all clipped) it will lay right - I forgot to take a picture of this part, so I drew it out for you:

---I turned in the ends of the straps before I sewed the sides shut on it, so it gave the ends a finished edge.  That way when I attached it to the bag I didn't have to fold the strap under itself - I just sewed it right on at the end.  You can kind of see it here:

That's it - - thanks Kate, for a quick and easy and fun pattern and sew along!  To the rest of you, jump on in and grab some scrap fabric and see what you can come up with - you can do it!!


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I love the red and white, and I love how you lined the scallops with sheets. I have added this bag to my list, and will remember the sheet trick when I do. Thanks for the trick about keeping scallops flat too! :)

Some great tips- wish I had read this before I made mine! I love the holiday theme of yours! You did a great job!

I actually just posted mine today too- I'd love it if you came by to check it out-

Have a great week- Valerie

I love the colors of this tote. It is so adorable! Great job and thanks for sharing the instructions.

I wish I would have known about your aunts awesome scallop tip before I finished mine :)

This is just gorgeous. I love the red and white fabric that you used.

I absolutely love this. It won't be made by November 14th, still learning how to use a machine. Thanks for the tips.

Rosie x

I LOVE the red and white fabrics you choose!!!! I like yours better than the original tutorial! And I like how the bottom row hangs down over better than being sewn down! Great job! Maybe someday I will make one of these. Thanks for the tip on sewing the scallops.

Very cute, I like the fabrics you picked!

Cute bag. Love your fabric choices. And your use of sheets!!

Love the red and white! I am also a big fan of using sheets (and pillowcases, napkins, whatever cute prints I can get my hands on!!)

Thanks for sewing along! I love the reds! Great tips, too!

I love this! And thanks so much for the tip on making scallops.

Great tote! I love the red and white.

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